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Design Guide for Kitchen Faucets

From washing hands to filling pots for cooking, kitchen faucets are a hard-working component in any home. Artistic Sinks When it’s time to replace this equipment, explore your options to ensure that you choose one that fits your style, budget, and will last for years.

Styles in Design

Optimally, kitchen faucets will be the perfect combination of design and function. Consider how you use your sink and determine the best design for your specific needs. A tap with a high arc will enable you to fill and wash large pots and pans easily. You have the option of choosing a single handle or dual handle style. The two handle design is a traditional style with separate levers to manage both hot and cold water. With the single handle design, you can change water temperature and flow with one hand. Choose from deck-mounted or wall-mounted styles, depending on your counter top and wall space around the sink. For deck mounting, preexisting holes in the sink will determine design style. Wall mounting provides additional options such as separate sprayer and soap dispensers.

Options in Finish

Kitchen faucets can have various types of finishes to coordinate with other features in the room. High shine chrome will draw all eyes with its distinct look, while stainless steel compliments many modern appliances. You could also choose a finish that enhances and coordinates with cupboard hardware. Consider nickel, chrome, and bronze as other finish options.

Additional Features

There many additional features that allow an individual to customize their faucet to specific needs. For example, when you wish to filter tap water to remove chemicals and impurities, choose a faucet with a built-in filter. Some kitchen faucets also come with built-in soap dispensers to reduce thestreetfoody.com clutter in the sink area. A hot-water dispenser can be a practical time-saver to any kitchen. For sink decks that will not accommodate additional dispensers, consider a pull-down or pull-out spray accessory that mounts directly into the tap, enabling you to pull it out or down as you need to spray. These spray accessories also feature additional options that allow you to set them to spray, stream, and pause. Bridge faucets are a relative newcomer in design, enabling mounting on either the deck or the wall. These types of designs offer two handles and a high swing spout for filling deep pots. Stainless Steel Bathroom Accessories Newer spray features offer additional settings for special jobs. Such as a soft spray, which is ideal for washing fragile produce without bruising these sensitive items.

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