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Design a Book Cover And Grab the Attention of Your Readers

Readers shop with their eyes, as we all know. They want a book that they can proudly hold in their hands on the subway or read on their e-reader. Because so many books are published each year, a good book cover design must communicate to the reader that the pages within are worth their time and attention.

Your book cover design is the most effective way to capture people’s attention in a bookstore with hundreds upon hundreds of reading options. It makes no difference how good a story is if no one reads it. Furthermore, if you find it difficult to create a book cover you can take Australian ghostwriting services. They will provide you with enticing designs.

A bad book cover will make potential readers doubt the value of the content, whereas a good cover design will catch a reader’s eye and communicate what the book is about.

Design an Enticing Book Cover

Although there are numerous books on the market, a striking cover can mean the difference between a hit and a flop, making experienced book cover designers in this field in high demand. Your cover should show just enough to draw the reader and capture the nature of the story without telling too much. The design of a book cover must tell to the buyer that the pages within are worth their time and attention.

Your main goal is to attract readers to buy your book. Give a hint about your book, but don’t go overboard. Take note that attention-grabbing and flashy are not the same thing. A book cover’s purpose is to convey the theme of your story in a unique way.

Here Are Some Key Roles of Book Cover in the Success of Your Book


To make written language readable, and appealing it is characterized as a style or appearance of printed matter or simply as the skill of working with text. It can be found wherever we turn, including on street signs, books, and websites we read.

Because consumers typically buy a book they are familiar with and trust the name on its cover, the typography you choose for your book’s title and the author’s name can grow to become a major brand in the eyes of their readers. Your use of typography should support the message that the title conveys, as well as the overall mood of the piece.

Images for Covers

Cover images should function as teasers for your cover design rather than spoilers. A well-thought-out cover design conveys a lot about the book without revealing every detail. Cover images serve a purpose other than decoration. They capture readers’ attention by telling the story of the book before they even turn the first page. Before they read a single word about the book, compelling visuals can help them connect with the audience and make a strong impression.

Make a Layout Plan

Layout your cover first. If you’re unsure, check out books that are already on the market or ask your customer what the standard is. To avoid wasting time stripping out italics, bold, and other formatting, make sure they delivered the text to you without any hard formatting. The overly formatted text makes reading uncomfortable and distracting.

Draw Attention with Colors

The colors you decide to use for your cover should work to evoke a certain feeling and communicate the meaning you’re attempting to get across.

Due to how well these colorings go together, many of the most popular book covers are made up of a blue and orange pattern or a black, white, and red design.

Compatible Designing

In actuality, all you see when looking for books on Amazon is a tiny thumbnail of the image. Because of this, the design must be straightforward. Particularly when viewed on a smaller screen, straightforward designs are easier to remember and less perplexing. Consider the iPhone (or any other similarly sized phone) as an example. The dimensions of a normal book jacket are roughly 1/2 inch wide by 3/4 inch tall. That is a small amount of room.

Do Not Complicate It

Remember, less is more, always. Do not complicate it by trying to put in all the symbols which represent your book. Keep in mind that the cover will often be viewed as a tiny thumbnail, so you want the reader to know what they’re looking at. You don’t want to utilize a lot of complex images to confuse or exhaust the reader. Be aesthetic but remain to the point as well because it’s necessary to please the reader. Lastly, simplicity attracts people and complicated things don’t.

Be Optimistic

It’s crucial to maintain an open mind and be willing to try out various designs when it comes to booking covers. Even if you believe you have the ideal design in mind. It’s always worthwhile to test out a few different options to determine which one performs the best. You can find the perfect design that genuinely captures readers’ interest and promotes the sale of more of your books by keeping an open mind. Additionally, it’s critical to keep in mind that book covers are continuously evolving, so you should be prepared to modify your design as necessary.

Don’t Mind the Emptiness

Some authors are concerned that they must include text or photos on the entire cover. The easiest method to catch a reader’s eye is to make something stand out by allowing it some breathing room.

Consider the fact that a text gets unclear if it contains too many specialized terms or adjectives. The same goes for the visual space.

Keep the Business in Mind

Don’t forget to design your book cover that has a unique appeal to it. It is important because you need to sell. Your book cover can help your book in becoming a brand. The important factor which we have discussed above as well is to please the customer’s eye. Keep your book cover compatible with mobile screens and laptops as well for online readers. Moreover, you can also make a website for your book and brand it there. A fancy book cover is surely going to skyrocket your book sales. 


Every author desires to have their creative vision materialize as a stunning book cover.

You may increase the number of books you sell by using book covers as a marketing tool. You may build captivating book covers that attract readers and make it simpler for them to understand what your book is about by using some straightforward design advice. We hope this post has helped spark some imagination in helping you design your own book cover.

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