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Desi Chicken vs Broiler Chicken: Which One is Better

In this post, I will explain the difference between Desi, and Broiler chicken, using a few researchings regarding the distinctions between the two, which would be superior, which would provide nutritional advantages, etc. I prefer to avoid arguing over subjects that scholars have previously explored, so I’ll make it as short as I can and focus on fundamental knowledge and facts.

Desi Chicken

Growing up, I saw many families rearing chickens in their backyards or even on their roofs. Where individuals have the necessary space and resources to maintain this small-scale breeding, this technique is still prevalent. Keeping poultry is done so that organic chicken meat and eggs may be produced. Some people also grow and breed chickens as a side business. Country chickens or Desi chickens are often grown in a natural setting with plenty of room. They have ample room to spread out and develop normally. They dig out worms and insects from the earth and get natural food from their guardians, such as maize, bread, rice, or other household waste. Such fowl are raised under typical circumstances, including competing for food and fleeing from predators, which undoubtedly affects the growth of their muscles. They have more muscle, less fat, and meat with a richer, more flavorful texture. As a result of their natural development and lack of artificial breeding, their meat has a rich taste and requires more time to cook due to their higher muscle mass. Many people like its specific flavor and texture, and others choose organic desi chicken as an alternative. Since they are raised organically, their flesh has a specific flavor that might vary. Additionally, this kind of chicken is more costly.


We are more used to seeing white birds raised in cages on poultry farms for commercial purposes. Chickens are housed in confined spaces with little room for movement and are fed a particular diet. They all taste the same because of this. Since they don’t exercise much, they have high-fat levels and little muscular mass, which causes the meat to become soft more quickly. Around the globe, broiler chicken is extensively accessible and consumed. Because they are reared and fed in a certain way, the meat quality is the same and is guaranteed to be juicy and soft. Since it was bred on a huge scale, the chicken is considerably less expensive. The fact that birds are fed modified nutritional supplements and given hormones to promote rapid development is one of the key arguments made against such breeding. Because we, as customers, are at the end of the supply chain, we cannot be certain if a particular poultry farm has bad breeding circumstances or not. If breeding conditions are subpar, chickens produced there will have poorer bone structure and a greater risk of avian illnesses. Broiler chickens may also pose a danger to human health since they are sold and killed at a young age, and if they are reared with hormones and antibiotics, they may result in early puberty, infertility, and an increased risk of cancer. However, it is a cheaper alternative as the Broiler chicken rate today is 360 PKR, and today it has decreased a few days ago it was near 400. So, everyone cannot afford it.


In comparison to broiler eggs, free-range desi chicken eggs have three-quarters less cholesterol, one-fourth less saturated fat, twice as much omega-3 fatty acid, three times more vitamin E, four times more vitamin D, and seven times more beta-carotene.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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