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Desert Safari Dubai Deals

If you want to experience Dubai, a Desert Safari is an adventure you won’t soon forget. It’s an adventure unlike any other in the world and will leave you with a lifetime of memories. There are plenty of Desert Safari Dubai deals to choose from, so it’s worth taking a look around.

Desert Safari Dubai Deals

Quad desert safari dubai deals

If you’re looking for the ultimate adventure, try quad biking in Dubai’s desert. The desert is famous for its high red sand dunes, making it an ideal location for quad biking. Plus, it’s a great way to enjoy a beautiful sunset! Quad bike tours in Dubai start from as little as 62 euros.

The quad biking desert safari dubai deals experience is a great way to see the desert in an inexpensive way. This activity includes 60 minutes of quad biking in the desert, as well as a short camel ride. The tour is ideal for adrenaline junkies, and requires no special skills or prior experience. Just make sure you’re well-rested and wear comfortable clothing. You’ll also want to bring a pair of sunglasses and sunscreen lotion.

During the daytime, the temperature in the desert is quite high. However, it drops dramatically at night. Bring appropriate clothing for the daytime and warm clothes for the evening. Also, wear closed-toed shoes, because any other type of shoes will be uncomfortable to wear while riding quad bikes.

Camel ride

One of the best ways to see the desert is to ride a camel. While Emiratis drive luxury vehicles, the camel was the original means of transportation in the desert. During the early days, camels were used by Bedouins as a means of transportation.

Camels are gentle animals that walk slowly and are used to the loose sands of the desert. During your ride, try to relax and breathe deeply. This will make the ride a little more comfortable. Also, you should make sure you hold onto the saddle handles firmly.

The camel ride is an essential part of the desert safari dubai deals. It is a thrilling experience and a unique way to see the arid region. Camels have the ability to travel long distances and can survive without water or food. Historically, camels were essential for transportation, and the desert safari in Dubai is a great way to experience this ancient method of transportation.

During the ride, you can watch the sunset over the desert. After the ride, you can enjoy a traditional Bedouin dinner and Arabic coffee and tea. There will also be a chance to get a henna tattoo and a belly dance performance.

Dune bashing

Desert safaris are a popular way to experience the desert. There are plenty of activities available, from dune bashing to camel riding. Guests can also enjoy quad biking, sandboarding, and other activities. Tours generally include pickup and drop-off, as well as unlimited drinks. If you have young children, you can opt for a family-friendly tour for less than $100 per person.

You can choose to take a five or seven-hour adventure in a desert creek park. This will give you enough time to take pictures of the sunset and dune bashing. You can also take a longer dune bashing experience if you’d like to spend a whole day on it. Alternatively, you can opt for a seven-hour safari that includes dune bashing, sandboarding, and a camel ride.

A desert safari dubai deals can be a great way to get close to the desert and experience the unique flora and fauna of the area. You can even experience falcon feeding and bird watching. A desert safari can also include an early morning hot air balloon ride, which can be a great way to experience the sunrise.

Tanura dance

If you’re planning a trip to the desert, you can’t miss the Tanoura dance performance. This dance is deeply connected with Arabian culture and originated in Egypt. It has since become a famous dance form in the Arabian Peninsula. Its unique movements, balance, and colorful props make for a unique show. The show is also mandatory during the dinner cruise, and it combines the beauty of the desert and the culture of the Arabian Peninsula.

The Tanoura dance is a fascinating and energetic performance by Sufi men. It is said that the dancers achieve a trance-like state as they perform their dance moves. The dancers often wear multi-coloured skirts and perform with intense energy, making it one of the most memorable events of your trip to the desert. The dance is symbolic of spiritual purity and becoming one with God.

The nighttime shows at the desert safari Dubai deals are another highlight of this excursion. There are also acrobatic performances, henna tattoos, and a barbecue buffet dinner. If you are a solo traveller or looking for a romantic date night, this excursion is perfect for you.

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