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Dental Insurance in Aberdeen – What Is Dental Insurance?

Dental insurance is an excellent way to reduce the costs of your oral care. It works just like health insurance in that you pay a monthly premium to cover the cost of services. Different plans define different deductibles and maximums, so make sure you research carefully.

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How Does Dental Insurance Work?

A dental insurance plan is a type of health insurance coverage that pays for some or all of the cost of certain types of oral care. It typically requires a monthly premium, which is deducted from paychecks or paid directly to the insurer. It also has a deductible and annual maximum, which is the maximum amount the plan will pay for care each year.

Many people have dental insurance Aberdeen through their workplaces, or they buy private policies on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) exchange/Marketplace or directly from an insurer. When comparing dental plans, consumers should consider factors like monthly premiums, deductibles and waiting periods.

Some dental plans have provider networks, wherein the insurance company contracts with a set number of dentists to offer discounted fees to plan members. Other plans allow patients to choose any licensed dentist, but they will typically pay more if they go out-of-network. Still others, like DHMOs and HMOs, assign patients a single provider that will help them with any care up to a pre-set schedule fee.

What Services Are Covered?

Dental insurance is intended to help patients pay for routine and necessary procedures, as well as make major restorative services more affordable. To find the best plan for you, evaluate your family’s needs and budget, and look at all costs, including premiums, deductibles, copays and coverage limits.

Typical plans cover preventive care at 100%, while basic procedures like fillings are covered at about 80% after the deductible is met. Major procedures, such as crowns and root canals, are generally covered at about 50%. Some plans require a waiting period before covering these more expensive treatments, while others may waive the waiting period if you have had prior dental coverage.

Whether you’re an employer looking to provide Dental Insurance as part of your group benefits program, or are an individual seeking coverage for yourself and your family, the team at Insurance Plus can help you select a plan that fits your requirements in terms of feasible co-pays, quality dental networks, and overall plan price. Contact us today to get started.

What Are the Limits on Coverage?

Most dental insurance plans come with an annual maximum, which is the most your plan will pay towards your care in a given year. This amount will be based on a percentage of the dentist’s usual and customary fee schedule, which may vary significantly between providers in your area.

Many stand-alone dental insurance Aberdeen plans have limits on out-of-pocket exposure, whereas adult dental coverage included in QHPs and some Medicare Advantage plans don’t (note that ACA-compliant health insurance plans cannot have dollar limit benefit caps).

If you exceed your dental plan’s annual maximum, you’ll be responsible for 100% of the cost for any additional services until the new year. For this reason, it’s often wise to have a supplemental or dental savings plan to help bridge the gap between your traditional insurance and actual costs. For example, our trusted dental savings plan can save you up to 50% on dental treatment costs and can be used alongside your existing insurance.

Do I Need a Dentist?

Although many people think of dental insurance as just an added benefit, it’s a necessary component of a health care plan. Regular oral care can prevent and treat serious medical conditions, including cardiovascular disease, respiratory illness, and diabetes.

When selecting a dentist, patients should research their qualifications and consider their comfort level before making an appointment. This can help narrow down the options and find a dentist that will fit their needs. Patients should also be aware that they can shop around for a dental insurance provider that offers affordable premiums and deductibles.

The American Dental Association recommends that patients visit the dentist at least twice a year for professional cleaning and exams. While these visits are important, they can be costly without proper coverage. Fortunately, dental savings plans such as the Friendly Dental Savings Plan make it easier to afford routine and emergency care. With affordable rates and no waiting periods, this option is worth considering.

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