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Dental Implants – The Modern Solution to Missing Teeth

Dental implants are the best solution to replacing missing teeth. They look more natural and are more comfortable to wear than other tooth replacement options. However, they do require proper oral health and regular visits to the dentist.

They are also durable and if well cared for can last your lifetime. They are also an effective way to stimulate bone growth.

They Look and Feel Like Your Natural Teeth

A single tooth implant replaces the root of a missing natural tooth and, when topped with a crown, looks, feels and functions just like a healthy tooth. It can even last a lifetime, if you take care of it. The best part is that implants do not depend on adjacent teeth for support, as is the case with common restorations such as fixed bridges and removable partial dentures.

Dental implants also prevent bone deterioration, which can cause the sunken-in appearance that makes people look older. They also allow you to chew more comfortably and speak freely without worrying about the stability of your prosthesis.

They Can Last a Lifetime

Dental implants are the modern solution to missing teeth and can last a lifetime with proper care. Unlike conventional crowns, bridges, and dentures that can cause the surrounding teeth to weaken and decay, Antioch TN are made from titanium, which integrates with the bone and stimulates new bone growth.

Dental implant lifespan is determined by a number of factors, including patient health and oral hygiene. Poor oral hygiene can lead to gum disease, which can damage the implants and cause them to fail. Regular brushing and flossing, along with routine dental cleanings and checkups can help your implants last a lifetime.

Other risk factors include smoking and autoimmune diseases like lupus or rheumatoid arthritis, which can damage the bones and tissues of the jaw. Patients with these conditions may require a bone graft or sinus lift to increase the density of their jaw bones, which can help the implants last a lifetime. Bruxism, which is the habit of grinding and clenching your teeth, can also cause damage to dental implants and reduce their lifespan.

They Can Be Custom-Made for You

Dental implants are one of the most significant advancements in modern dentistry. They provide a permanent, stable solution for missing teeth and help preserve bone tissue in the jaw. While other restorative treatments such as dentures can slip or become loose, the artificial tooth portion of your dental implant is fused to the bone for a secure fit.

Dental implant patients must have good oral health, and viable bone tissue to ensure that the implant stays rooted in place. For those who don’t have the necessary bone tissue, a bone grafting procedure may be required before undergoing an implant.

The dentist Smyrna TN will insert a titanium medical-grade metal anchor into the jaw bone, where it will heal and bond with the surrounding bone through a process called osseointegration. Then, the anchor will be capped with an artificial tooth or porcelain crown. Alternatively, we can mount a full lower denture onto a support bar that snaps firmly into place over the anchor. This allows you to taste your food, and it prevents the movement of your lower denture that can cause discomfort.

They Can Be a Cosmetic Procedure

Dental implants Antioch TN are the next best thing to natural teeth. They are made from titanium, which integrates with the jaw bone to support a tooth replacement. In addition, the implant promotes bone growth and prevents the deterioration of surrounding teeth. The implants also look and feel like your natural teeth, helping to boost self-esteem.

Without a tooth replacement, the jaw bone may deteriorate, leading to problems with chewing and digestion. Besides, the gap left by missing teeth can cause the nearby teeth to migrate toward it, which causes further issues with the health and appearance of your smile.

An oral and maxillofacial surgeon will perform a physical exam, take X-rays, and perform a 3D cone beam CT scan to determine whether you are a candidate for an implant. In cases where the patient does not have enough bone to hold an implant, a bone graft is performed to add more bone. This treatment usually takes four to six months to heal before an implant can be placed.

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