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Debunking 5 Common Myths On Measles 

Measles is one of the top highly contagious viral infections that can cause a severe flu-like illness. It usually comes with the appearance of rashes on the skin. Obviously, the feeling is not nice and can impact skin health pretty badly. 

A lot of times, the situation does get worse and the patient might need to visit emergency centers. 

The best dermatologist in lahore says that although there is a lot of information available on the internet about measles but a lot of it needs to be double-checked. Also, there are a lot of people that trust every piece of information that is available to them.    

Despite the availability of safe and effective vaccines, misconceptions and myths about measles continue to circulate, leading to confusion and misinformation. Let’s have a look.

Myth 1: Measles are completely harmless 

Measles is not a very serious disease. It particularly appears as very sensitive in groups like expecting mothers, newborns, and people that have a very weak immune system. In these groups, it can appear catastrophic. 

Pneumonia, encephalitis, and even death are examples of the complications caused by measles. Immunization is essential for avoiding the potential risks of measles and safeguarding others as well. 

So, do not take measles lightly as these if left untreated can leave an impact on the skin that is irreversible 

Myth 2: Measles vaccine causes Autism

Numerous studies have consistently demonstrated that there is no connection between the measles vaccine and autism.

The study that gave rise to the notion was poor, retractable, and has now been fully debunked. Millions of youngsters who have already received the measles vaccine have participated in numerous large-scale studies that have validated its safety.

Another thing that is important here is that vaccines undergo rigorous testing and are continuously monitored for the sake of safety. 

So, this myth is also debunked as the measles vaccine is very safe for the body and leaves no side effects except for the little pain that is felt when the shot is injected. 

Myth 3: Measles only affect children

Even though the measles is frequently thought to affect children solely, it can afflict people of all ages. 

Now, adults who have not had the measles vaccine or who have already contracted the disease are also vulnerable. In fact, because of a weakened immune response, adults may experience more severe symptoms and problems.

Vaccination is recommended for individuals who have not received the vaccine or are unsure of their immunity status. So, thinking that measles only impact children is completely wrong as it has been seen impacting adults as bad it does children. 

Myth 4: The immunity acquired after having measles is stronger than natural immunity

While there is no harm in saying that measles do provide the body with natural immunity, it must be remembered that it does come with a cost. 

Measles are one of the most dangerous diseases and if got severe can lead to complications and even death. The vaccination does offer a safer and more reliable way to develop immunity without the risks associated with the disease itself. 

The vaccination of measles stimulates the immune system to produce protective antibodies, providing effective and long-lasting immunity.

Myth 5: Antibiotics can treat measles

Now, measles is a viral infection and it must be known that antibiotics are given to cure viral infections. Also, there is no specific cure for the viral illness of measles. 

But, the symptoms can be managed with supportive care, such as rest, fluids, and fever-reducing drugs. The best method of protecting against measles remains vaccination and prevention. Without these, this infection can linger on and can have a serious bad impact on the health. 

Myth 6: Measles vaccine is not very important as measles are rare

While the cases of measles are very less to be seen and the cases have actually decreased over a period of time, outbreaks are still possible, especially in the regions where there is a low vaccination rate. 

Since the measles virus is highly contagious, even a small number of unvaccinated people can cause the disease to spread quickly. The best method for preventing measles and any potential consequences is still vaccination.

So, try and get your children the needed shots on time as these make a lot of difference. Protect your children from the deadly disease and keep them protected. 


Dispelling myths and misconceptions about measles is crucial for promoting accurate knowledge and encouraging vaccination. Measles is not a harmless disease, and the consequences of infection can be severe. Vaccination is the most effective way to prevent measles and its complications. It is important to rely on credible sources of information, consult healthcare professionals, and ensure that individuals of all ages are up to date with their measles vaccination. So, before you start to believe in myths, make sure to do your proper research and then believe something regarding measles.  

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Uneeb Khan
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