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Dealing with discoloration on dark skin

The goal for everyone unanimously is to have flawless and bright skin. But several things can get in the way of your goal, and dark spots are one such thing, especially if you are a person of color since your risk of dark spots is greater.

They not only cause the complexion to become uneven, but they also make putting on makeup a challenge. You first then have to color correct before applying foundation.

Many people then rush to their Dermatologist in Karachi in attempts to get rid of the dark spots. But it also helps in knowing what these spots exactly are, their causes and their treatment options.

What is hyperpigmentation?

Our skin contains the pigment melanin which gives it color. The more melanin you have, the darker you skin will appear to be. Dark spots occur when there are certain parts of the skin with higher levels of melanin, thereby leading to the formation of dark spots.

What are the causes of dark spots or hyperpigmentation?

There are various reasons why your skin might have higher melanin production on certain areas only. This response can be further divided into two categories:

Melasma: Such dark spots are more common in women. They are generally caused on account of hormonal changes, which is why women who are pregnant or using birth control might be at a greater risk. Melasma majorly affects the facial skin.

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation: Also known as simply hyperpigmentation, this response occurs when there is injury to the skin. It is common in situations where people have acne and the resultant scars.

There are other causes of dark spots that include insect bites or similar injuries, pimples, medication, psoriasis scars, cuts, injuries, certain products etc.

How to treat dark spots in darker skin tones?

The treatment of dark spot is not straight forward, but do not let that dissuade you from getting the treatment. It is a more exhaustive process, but some options to consider include:

Cater to the cause

Sometimes, your doctor will need to first assess the cause of the issue to remedy the impact. For example, you may slather on topical treatment, but if the underlying cause is hormonal problem, then there is only so far you can go with topical treatments. So, it is best that you consult your doctor for to ascertain the cause.

Be mindful of the products that you use

Certain products can cause irritation to the skin, alongside increase the symptoms of hyperpigmentation. Hence, be mindful of the products that you apply to your face. If you see them negatively impacting your skin, disband their use and consult your doctor.

Invest in sunscreen

Sunscreen usage is imperative for everyone, but it is even more important for those suffering from hyperpigmentation. Sun damage can make the issue worse, alongside causing other skin problems as well.

Hence, make sure that you invest in a good sunscreen, of at least SPF 30 or more. Also, once worn, the sunscreen needs to be applied after every two hours.

Products for brightening skin tone

There are certain products that can improve skin tone and lighten dark spots. Amongst such products is vitamin C, which is not only a great antioxidant and skin brightening agent, but it also causes the overall health of your skin to improve.

Furthermore, kojic acid is also effective for lightening skin. Hydroquinone is also recommended for making the dark spots lighter. It helps in preventing the formation of melanin so addresses the problem at a more ground level.

 Medical treatments

You may also consult a skin specialist for treatment of dark spots. One treatment option is going for chemical peel, which exfoliates the skin on a deeper level, so it becomes more even.

Laser therapy is another treatment. Through the high intensity rays, the pesky dark spots can be made lighter. Both these options come with their merits and demerits, so do discuss it with your Skin doctor in Lahore.

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