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Darth Malak Lightsabre: Special Features

For just $374, you can now own the Darth Malak Star Wars Lightsaber Neopixel with a 1-year warranty from Art Sabers. We pride ourselves in providing only the best Star War lightsaber replicas – all delivered to your door front. So now enjoy this lightsabre in various lengths as it gets shipped to you for free. 

The Darth Malak SWGOH is a double-bladed lightsaber, and in that lies its specialty. Double-bladed lightsabers have a handle on both sides. This functionality makes it a deadly weapon – more than all the beautiful lightsabers introduced throughout the Star Wars Universe. 

Darth Malak is known to be the greatest Jedi to have ever lived. Now is your opportunity to own a lightsaber associated with his name – the same power, the same exhilaration, and a great chance to master the techniques he was so proficient with.

Before you start practicing your swings, you must know about the many combat styles. So let’s look at the different lightsaber battles you need to master.

What are the different ways you can use the Darth Malak?

There are generally seven types of lightsaber battles in Star Wars, anime, and other lightsaber movies. One could choose any combat style to defeat their opponent depending on the weapon they have in front, their strengths and weaknesses, and that of their opponent. One can also choose to modify or mix and match the various techniques to give birth to something new. 

Type 1: Shitsu

The original traditional form – this one will sound brutal, aggressive, and reckless. Yet, it certainly will be very effective too.  

Type 2: Makashi

Meant for only experienced duelists with knowledge of the lightsaber that runs deep, the Makashi technique is a precise one. It is for controlled strikes, less on power but more on accuracy. 

Type 3: Soresu

Created due to the increased number of explosions in the galaxy, Soresu is the third type and a very potent one. 

Type 4: Ataru 

The fourth type, Ataru, is a power acrobatic. As such, it is also thought of to be the most powerful one.

Type 5: V- form

This is what Anakin Skywalker preferred. It was developed by Soresu’s form specialists when they felt the need for a more robust and specialized form of attack. 

Type 6: Niman

It is a collection of earlier forms. It was the last form of consciousness to balance the forces.

Type 7: Vaapad 

A Jedi, when he uses a force to absorb emotions – is known as Vaapad. This can even make unstoppable attacks. It is a force that a Jedi can use to absorb emotions and make unstoppable attacks.

Now that you know the different forms, it’s time to wake up, get a powerful lightsaber at artsabers.com and start training. The Darth Malak lightsaber is meant for heavy dueling and has an aluminum alloy hilt to support the weight. 

With a battery life of 2 hours, a smooth swing feature, a Xenopixel soundboard with 20 custom sound fonts, & a 50W LED RGB Neopixel Strip – this one is for ages. Get your favorite Darth Malak Toy right now!

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