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Can you defeat a Star Killer lightsaber? Let’s Learn

What are the various lores surrounding the Lightsaber? A lot has been said about the colors and their significance in the story building. Also, a lot is known about the functioning of a lightsaber – how to wield it and master it. 

But what about its kryptonite? What about the core components of astarkiller lightsabers? Let’s look at the materials that make these beautiful weapons and the ones that can withstand them – or even overpower them.

Just like the virtual Lightsaber, it gives you a powerful lightsaber that obstacles won’t damage. Also, as mentioned in Star Wars, some unique materials can withstand a lightsaber.

  • Beskar

Only Mandalore and its companion planet Concordia contain short iron used to create steel explicitly designed for Beskar’s production. Busca is known for its special material that can withstand the blade of a lightsaber. Dean Jarin’s Armor could withstand the edge of Ahsoka Tano’s Lightsaber. Dean Jarin could block Tano’s attack as Team Beskar gave Dean Jarin the Kaloda Magister through Morgan Elsbeth. As such, Ahsoka’s blade was useless in hurting Jarin.

  • Courtois Armor

The Armor is made by weaving unique Cortese fibers under a secure matrix and designed and manufactured to channel lightsaber energy through itself. The stored energy can then be used to counter lightsaber attacks. This is because the blade is forcibly disarmed when it comes into contact with the stored energy cortosis armor.

  • Zillo Beast

Finding ingredients called Zillo Beasts is extremely rare as the species no longer exists. However, being one of the rare materials that can withstand a lightsaber blade, a zilro beast can be added.

  • Personal Energy Shield 

It is made from a special Kolen crystal that can withstand Cyber​​​​Crystal Light. However, replacing the Collen crystal with a cybernetic crystal in a lightsaber creates an orange blade with meager resistance. Nevertheless, it can pierce shields, so if you were to be attacked by a starkiller sith, there are few chances of you coming out unscathed from this duel.

  • The Armor of the Elite Praetorian Guard

Is there something that can withstand a lightsaber attack? Yes, indeed. Meet the Armor of the elite squad – the Praetorian Guard. This special Armor successfully resists lightsaber attacks.

This was possible because the gauntlet was suitable for deflecting lightsaber attacks. However, if the attack is simple and comes down on you as a stab, it can pierce Armor.

So now you know how to protect yourself from the Sith’s revenge or stay hidden from Master Jedi attacks.

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Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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