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With regards to dispensary promotion and picking what pot loot is ideal to give out to your customers the choices today are perpetual even inside a classification.

One of the top-selling things we generally suggest is customizable rolling trays. Specially marked rolling trays are the last touch to upgrade your clients’ smoking experience and cause them to recollect you well after they have left the dispensary. At last with any weed special products the objective is to have your image before the client as frequently as could be expected – this outcome in them subliminally thinking about your dispensary first when they need to restock their treats.

In this post, we will direct you to the different customizable rolling trays choices we have as your number #1 CUSTOM CANNABIS PROMOTIONAL PRODUCT MANUFACTURER. This ought to assist you with settling on a more educated choice of which kind of plate with be the most ideal for your client segment, financial plan, timing, and program objectives. Eventually knowing the responses to these key elements will assist you with picking the best 420 PROMOTIONAL PRODUCT to get the most elevated ROI (a.k.a increment your benefits from passing out gifts!)

We should get everything rolling from the best to the most available:

1. CUSTOM BAMBOO ROLLING TRAY-This is the crème de la crème of our reach. This 100 percent regular bamboo plate accompanies compartments to keep the customizable rolling trays station as coordinated as could really be expected. There are assigned regions to keep you: rolling papers, processor, cones, lighter, and obviously your spice! This plate will have your plan 3D printed edge to edge on it is possible that either of the side.


You cherished our custom bamboo rolling trays however thinking you need something similarly as premium yet a touch more in your reach – then, at that point, this 100 percent wood rolling plate is for you!

Why wood? Its regular, and 100 percent biodegradable. endures almost everlastingly, we can do 1 piece or 1,000 bits of this plan and over the long haul, the wood will develop to recount its story.


What happens when you join extravagance and quality – you get an exclusively marked glass going plate. These trays are 100 percent break verification and your plan will become UV imprinted on it.

We offer these in a little and enormous sizes. They are planned with great clear glass and bent edges to hold every one of your spices in a single spot.

This delightful plate is for that smoker who has a preference for the more tasteful stuff


Searching for SUPER PREMIUM customizable rolling trays for your customer base? Then this may very well be the plate for you

Produced using 100 percent treated steel we could custom at any point etch your logo on it making it look very tasteful! We proposition to a little (our success!) and medium estimated plate in the scope of varieties (Gold (our hit), Rose Gold, White Gold, Iridescence, Matte Black).

Why pick the steel plate? It shouts premium yet doesn’t accompany a match sticker price, it’s strong to the touch, essentially rugged, and will endure forever..!

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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