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We Make Custom Pencil Boxes Secure For Dispatching

Pencils are widely used and the most common writing utensil since old times. Even many modern ways of writing, like MS word and pen, came with time. But could not replace that old way of writing. Due to such demand, many manufacturers are already in that business. They have earned their name already. You can’t replace them with standard packaging. People are brand conscious these days. They consider the item packaged in standard packaging to be cheap. If you want to indulge people, buy your lead custom pencil boxes. Update it with custom packaging, so the people consider it brand and cost worthy for them.

Secure graphite lead with a durable custom pencil box:

The pencils are made up of delicate graphite lead. It is so delicate that a little shattering can tear it while dispatching. You can make it secure with custom packaging through iCustom boxes. We focus on more than just designing and making the packaging attractive for the buyer. We make it secure for dispatching through durable material usage. Here we make custom pencil packaging secure for dispatching in three steps.

1. Durable material for outer protection:

You can use durable cardboard and Kraft material for custom pen boxes. Both are made up of raw wood fiber and are unbeatable in quality. And have the capacity to protect the custom pencil box from bending and breaking due to pressure. The kraft material is available in bleached and non-bleached foam. The bleached kraft paper is white, and the non-bleached paper is dark brown. And cardboard is available in 12pt-24pt stock. Both can be recycled and are more economical than rigid material boxes.

2. Custom cardboard inserts and partitions for inner safety:

The continuous striking can break the pencils and graphite lead. That’s why we keep custom cardboard inserts inside the custom pencil box. These cardboard inserts keep the pencils in place and make them immobile while dispatching. We customize it in any shape according to the pencil length. You can create partitions, too, with kraft and cardboard material. It is helpful if the pencils have different colors. You can keep different shade pencils in different parts. More we do inside printing which makes it more sophisticated for the buyer.

3. Extra layer of protection through laminations and coatings.

We do lamination and coating to make the custom pencil box more secure. The lamination works as an extra layer of protection on the custom box. Ans increase its durability and shelf life. We have economical matte and gloss lamination. You can apply gloss lamination for shiny glare. If you want decency and a glare-free smooth surface, go with matte lamination. If you want to make custom packing recyclable, you can do liquid-based aqueous coating on the custom box. It protects the box surface from moisture because of its water-resistant properties. More it makes the custom pencil box surface scratch and smudge-free.

Target kids with animated designs with PMS and CMYK color schemes:

The school-going kids use pencils daily for class and homework. They like to live in fantasy and idealize their favorite cartoon hero. They are so obsessed with their favorite hero that they buy everything with its picture, even a pencil box. You can grab kids’ attention towards your pencil box by creating animated images. Don’t worry about dull and unattractive prints because we have the most dazzling PMS and CMYK color schemes. And have outclassed printing machines, which give 3d effects to the animated features. You can create any color shade combo with PMS color schemes. Check out our webpage www.iCustomboxes.com for a few examples.

Show off your designed pencils on display through custom packaging.

The pencil comes in different styles and colors to grab attention. But the fully covered custom box can hide it. You can customize a die-cut window on the custom pencil box for that issue. Cut it into different shapes like round, square, etc. The die-cut style not only lets you stare inside the box without opening it. But also enhancing the custom boxes canada design grace and style. You can customize it on any side of the box style. We cover the die-cut window with a PVC sheet. So, the dust can’t pass inside the custom pencil box.

Custom pencil display boxes with foam inserts:

Suppose you have customized beautifully shaped rubbers on the backside of the pencil. You can display these lavish pencils in custom display pencil boxes with foam inserts. The foam inserts adjust the pencil easily led and protected it from breaking. You can smoothly pull out the pencil without breaking the graphite lead.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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