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Currant for some diseases and Benefits

In the presence of chronic diseases, the choice of food should be treated with extreme caution. Red currant can improve the condition in some pathologies or worsen.

  • Diabetes

Doctors allow the use of berries in any form with diabetes mellitus 1, 2 degrees. The presence of pectins, fructose, and a small amount of sugar has a beneficial effect on the body and does not lead to undesirable consequences. When eating berries, the work of the digestive tract is activated, and metabolic processes are accelerated. With the regular use of red currant in a dosed amount, well-being improves, immunity is strengthened, and the body is saturated with vitamins and minerals. Due to the diuretic effect, currant removes excess fluid and promotes weight loss. Read more benefits of turnip juice.

  • Pancreatitis

With an exacerbation, it is strictly forbidden to eat berries. They contain ascorbic, malic, and succinic acids, which enhance the production of gastric juice. In addition, currants have a pronounced choleretic effect, which also leads to a deterioration in well-being in pancreatitis. Bile increases the aggression of pancreatic enzymes and provokes self-digestion of the organ. Fiber enhances intestinal motility, spasm, pain, diarrhea, colic, and increased gas formation appear. It is allowed to use red currants in limited quantities with persistent remission of pancreatitis. Check more juice diet plan.

  • Gastritis

The disease is accompanied by low, high acidity. In the first case, it is recommended to use red currant berries, and juice before meals, in the second case, it should be discarded. Gastritis is an inflammation of the stomach lining. With such a pathology, it is forbidden to use products that irritate the mucous membrane, stimulating the production of acid. It is strictly forbidden to eat berries, drink compote, or infusion with high levels of hydrochloric acid. With gastritis at the stage of stable remission, it is allowed to use in limited quantities. To reduce acidity, it is recommended to drink a decoction of currant leaves, 50 ml at a time.

The benefits of currant

With proper heat treatment, the vitamin and mineral composition and the beneficial qualities of the fruit are preserved.

  • Jam

We are talking about fresh berries grated with sugar. Raw jam is used for therapeutic purposes for colds, beriberi, chronic fatigue, and high blood pressure. Jam is used in therapy:

  • anemia;
  • hypertension;
  • diarrhea;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • dysentery.

To make jam, twist currant berries 2-3 times through a meat grinder, add sugar in a ratio of 1: 2, and mix thoroughly. They are laid out in sterile jars, rolled up, or stored in trays in the freezer.

  • Morse

Light, tonic, a non-carbonated drink made from fresh berries. Red currant juice is considered the most useful, and tasty. The berries are squeezed, and the pulp and juice are placed in a separate container. The pomace is covered with sugar and boiled over low heat. Let cool, and pour in the juice. In summer, juice quenches thirst, tones up, nourishes, adds energy, and enhances metabolic processes. In winter, it is recommended to drink a warm drink for cold, prevention.

  • Compote

The drink is prepared in several ways. Berries are thrown into the water, allowed to boil, sugar is added to taste, boiled for 5 minutes, and left to cool. Berries are placed in a clean three-liter jar, poured with boiling water, and covered with a lid. After 5 minutes, pour the liquid into the pan, and add 2 cups of sugar. After boiling, pour into jars, and roll-up. Store in a cool, dark place. There are not as many useful substances in compote as in fresh berries, but it is recommended to drink the drink for colds, high blood pressure, excess weight, and to quench thirst in summer.

  • They want

Juice jelly is being prepared. They put the berries on the stove, after boiling them remove them, scroll through a meat grinder, and filter. Sugar is added to the juice in a ratio of 1: 3, with a small amount of water. Cook until sugar is completely dissolved. Semi-liquid jelly is poured into sterile jars, rolled up, or stored in the refrigerator. During heat treatment, some useful substances are lost, but in general, the use composition is preserved. Eat in the same cases as raw jam.

  • Wine

Redcurrant wine lowers blood pressure, so hypotensive patients need to be more careful with it. In a small amount, the drink tones strengthen blood vessels, accelerates the heart rate, and prevent heart attacks, and strokes. Wine saves from diseases during the cold season and increases energy potential. In a small dose, it will help lower blood pressure at high rates, and eliminate dizziness, and headache. You should not drink with gastritis with high acidity or pancreatitis.

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