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Buying English Willow Cricket Bats

One of the most popular bats on the market is the MRF Genius Grand Edition 2.0 Cricket Bat, endorsed by Indias superstar batsman Virat Kohli. This model boasts a slightly streamlined shape and more even weight distribution, which makes it ideal for allround shotmaking. If you’re a beginner and aren’t sure what to get, consider the MRF Genius Grand Edition 2.0 Cricket. The MRF Genius Grand is the best allrounder on the market, with its slighter rounded shape and a more balanced balance.

A lightly pressed bat has the best performance, but it’s more likely to crack and sustain damage. A hard-pressed cricket bat is more durable but may have compromised performance. Manufacturers must find a balance between durability and playability, so they can produce a bat that performs well but still lasts a long time. In general, a more expensive bat will perform better but also tend to last longer, which is why it’s important to consider the weight of the cricket blade when buying a cricket bat.


Choosing the right cricket bat is crucial for success in the game. A good cricket bat should have a moderate-to-large blade, but a small discoloured section can affect playability. A cricket bat with a discoloured blade typically has a grain count of four or higher and more butterfly stains on the face of the bat. It’s generally made of high-quality willow, but can also be cheaper, especially if the grain pattern is not symmetrical.

Depending on the size of your hands, you can purchase a TON cricket bat in any size you like. Children’s bats typically range from 0-6 inches to Harrow-sized cricket bats. Adult-sized bats can be found in SH (Short Handle) and LH (Long Handle). As children grow, their cricket gear should increase in size, as well. Most bats are between two and three pounds in length, with the exception of the large, curved blades.


A cricket bat can be made of English willow or Kashmir willow. Unlike a tennis racquet, the cricket bat is lighter and easier to swing. A well-made baseball bat should be able to withstand the stress of a game. However, it is advisable to invest in a good quality sportsman’s cricket bat. It will give you a better chance of winning the game. This is why it is so important to find the best bat for your needs.

A cricket bat can be made of several types of wood. The classic willow used for cricket bats is made from English willow, which is stronger, lighter, and shock-resistant. An English willow bat is traditionally made from the heartwood. The heartwood is also stiffer, but softer willow is more flexible. A better baseball bat is ideal for a young player who is just starting to play cricket. You can buy a wooden cricket bat in many sizes, including one for children.


If you’re a beginner, an English willow cricket bat isn’t the best choice for you. You can opt for a maple bat if you’re not sure what you want to use it for a long time. But you’ll need a bat that has an appropriate weight and is easy to swing. If it’s too heavy, you’ll end up hitting a cricket ball. This is why a maple bat is the best choice.

A cricket bat is an essential piece of equipment and a major investment. While you can buy a new cricket bat that has a new handle, you might need to have it repaired before you can play with it. Most adults choose to use a cricket bat that has a shorter handle than the number one. When buying a new cricket bat, be sure to read the manual and the specifications carefully. It’s not hard to choose a replacement for your cricket bat.

The MRF cricket bat is a quality cricket bat, and it is built to last. Its edges are crafted with premium English willow, and its size ranges from 40mm to 43mm. The MRF is a standard size among professional cricket bats, and it’s made of a grade C premium willow. The MRF Cricket Bat comes with a premium English willow handle and is made of 100% English willow.

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