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Create Motorcycle Gang Patches For Your Vest Or Jacket

Patches are a great way to accessorize and add personalization to any outfit. They are also fairly common for bikers and motorcycle clubs. Bike riders wear patches on the back of their vest that indicate their own personality, identity, and style. One of the important purposes of patches is to portray the unique characteristics of the rider and his affiliated motorcycle club. Motorcyclists use patches on different events like welcoming a new rider to the club, charity events or rallies.

Now the question is, where to find these super cool patches? Well, you can find them in online stores and get them customized. However, the best way is to make your own patches. This adds more uniqueness and details to the design. In this blog, we will learn the simple patch-making process for your motorcycle vests, so let’s read on!

How To Make The Perfect Patches To Add Custom Designs On Your Biker Vest?

Choose The Suitable Fabric For Your Biker Patch

Bike riders go through all types of weather during their ride, which is why choosing a suitable material that can survive the harshest conditions is the most important step. Motorcycle patches should be made with highly durable material that can stay intact for a longer period without any wear and tear.

Bikers always wear their patches on their jackets when they go to any event or on a ride, which is why the material should be comfortable and strong as well. Some of the best options are PVC, leather or cotton patches. Apart from longevity, one vital thing to notice is the look of the fabric. It should be visually pleasing and can give a cool look to the vest. For making an attractive patch, you must check the right color and texture of the material as well.

Decide On The Design That Is Aesthetically Pleasing And Meaningful

The second and another essential step in making motorcycle patches is choosing the right design. It would be best if you decide what the idea will be before you may create your own design to place on your vest. You can make the design on your own, or you can order pre-made custom motorcycle gang patches if you have no specific idea in your mind. The best way to design a patch that can dazzle up other bikers in your club is to look at competitor emblems and their designs. Keeping the color tone, pattern, and text of the design is also crucial to get an excellent overall emblem look.

Sketch Out The Chosen Motorcycle Patch Design

It is important to keep even little details in mind when you are making a biker patch. These emblems also have different meanings in the designs, so you must be cautious with the selection. Once you are done choosing the perfect design, then you can move to the next step, which is to sketch it out. Sketching is a fun process, but we agree it takes skills to nail this step. You can just make a freehand design to get a better idea about the look of the emblem. This step can help you in creating a more professional patch design when you will do it digitally on the computer.

Transform Your Sketch Into A Digital File

To transform the sketch of your motorcycle patch design into a digital file, you need to scan it through the program. This gives you the last chance to adjust your design according to your vest. Check the color, text size and any other element that can make your biker patch catchy.

Set Your Machine And Upload The Design

Now it is time to set up the embroidery machine and sit back and relax until you get the perfectly embroidered patch. Turn on the machine, put the fabric in the hoop and upload your design. Through digitization, you can create sew-on patches NZ not only for yourself but for your whole biker gang. After the machine shows its magic, you will get your emblem, and you are all ready to apply it to your jacket or vest.

Apply The Emblem On The Vest

For the application process, there are many options. We suggest going for Velcro backing as they are long-lasting and can be removed when needed. Apart from that, sew-on can also be a great option as they can stick to the vest for a long time. However, if you find sewing difficult, then bikers can go for iron-on patches. One rule that every motorcyclist must keep in mind is to place the emblem on sleeveless vests. Other than this, regularly clean your patches and make sure they are properly attached to your jacket. This will help maintain quality and your affiliation.

Types Of Motorcycle Patches You Can Make To Enhance Your On-Road Appearance

Flag Patches

These types of emblems are very common to place on jackets. They represent a specific country, area or origin. You can create flag patches to show the world what your homeland is.

Military Emblems

Bikers also represent their country. They have a different level of patriotism that can be denoted through patches. The best way is to place military patches NZ to show their love and dedication for the club and country.

Outlaw Biker Crests

These types of patches are not right to wear. They show that the biker has performed criminal activities. The popular design is Men of Mayhem or Number 13.

The Ride or Die Patches

You can easily make these crests. They have the design of the skull. The patches indicate unity and friendship within the club. Bikers wear them to tell their dedication and love towards their club. It shows that they work and perform tasks together as a team.


Undoubtedly, patches and a biker vest are a super cool combo that every motorcyclist must try. Apart from the specific club designs, there is a lot of room for creativity if you want to try patch-making. Motorcyclist loves placing them as it simply uplifts and put charm to the look of their jacket. If you are willing to put your time and effort into making an edgy patch to decorate your vest, you can easily create any design and apply them in various ways.

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