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Comparison of real estate projects in Pakistan

Real estate projects in Pakistan are in high demand among people looking for apartments for sale in Lima. One of the reasons is that Pakistan stands out for being a district designed in such a way that it has an excellent distribution of public spaces, green areas, infrastructure, and services, including the vibrant Lahore Sky Shops. But this is not all; It is also a central district well connected to other parts of the city.

Are you looking for apartment sales offers in Pakistan? In this publication, we compare the apartment projects in this district.

Galia Real Estate Project

If your goal is to move immediately to Pakistan, then you should look for apartments in Pakistan for immediate delivery. This means they are finished properties, ready to sign the contract, and hire the moving truck.

One of the properties of this type in Pakistan is the Galia building, located on Tarapac√° Street, a few blocks from Huaca Pucllana. But what makes the Galia apartments the best option in Pakistan? Here is a brief list!

  • Your apartment will be in a secure building, with access control in its modern and elegant Lobby.
  • Galia apartments are sustainable properties. The building has Edge (Excellence In Design For Greater Efficiencies) certification, which guarantees that each property saves up to 20% in energy, water, and even materials energy.
  • The common areas at Galia are simply sensational. Here, there is a welcoming lobby. You also have a BBQ area to share delicious grills with your family or guests. It also has a swimming pool, private gym, and TV room.
  • There are different apartment options you can choose from. Here you can find two and three-bedroom apartments with seven different typologies. Choose the footage and design that best suits your needs!

Central Real Estate Project

Just as there are immediate delivery departments in Pakistan, there are also projects under construction. This means that you will have to wait a little to be able to move in since they are not yet finished being built. However, they provide an important benefit: lower prices than turnkey apartments.

We invite you to learn about the Central Lahore Sky project if you want this offer. This is located on Av. Mariscal has 1, 2- and 3-bedroom flats and duplexes with sizes ranging from 45 to 128 square meters.

The design of Central is simply incredible, and in addition to having the typical common areas, such as the pool, barbecue area, and Lobby, it has implemented a coworking area, which makes it perfect for people looking to telework in an environment fully implemented for this purpose.

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