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What Is a Cloud Phone System?

A voice-over IP (VoIP)-based business telephone platform known as a cloud phone system is hosted by a third-party provider. Here’s a detailed justification.

A Cloud Phone System: What Is It?

A cloud phone system is a business telephone platform that uses Voice over IP (VoIP) and a VoIP cloud phone system is very useful and is hosted by different companies, like OnSIP. Advanced security and telephony features like extension dialing, auto attendants, and conference bridges are frequently included in cloud phone systems.

In a Nutshell, Before the Cloud Phone System

Business phone systems have existed for a very long time—even before the Internet. Phone systems typically allow a company to have the main phone number with extensions to reach employees as a bare minimum.

Companies have been able to run their own phone systems since VoIP-based phone systems emerged in the mid-1990s. To do this, they install telephony software on a server and link phones to the server via their IP network.

Running your own phone system, however, comes with IT costs, such as paying for SIP trunking or PRIs to connect the phone system to the Public Switched Telephone Network, maintenance, security precautions, and customized configuration. (Read our blog on the VoIP Phone System for more details).

Cloud phone system providers like OnSIP started hosting phone system software for businesses to buy online in order to reduce this IT overhead. Cloud phone systems (also known as Cloud VoIP, Hosted VoIP, and Hosted PBX) relieve businesses of IT overhead and provide a number of additional advantages.

What Advantages Do Cloud Phone Systems Offer?

Low Price

The main advantage of using a cloud phone system over one that is hosted on-site is a decrease in the time and cost associated with maintaining a phone system. It’s comparable to selecting a hosted email service like Gmail as opposed to developing your own. You don’t even need to buy any servers to host the phone system if you don’t want to (and the SIP trunking or PRI service to connect to it).

You can forego all the configurations, upgrade, and security time.

Higher Security

Believe it or not, VoIP hacking is common if your phone system is not secure. VoIP hackers will take over phone systems and place calls on your account if they can. So that you don’t have to, trustworthy cloud phone system providers concentrate on maintaining a secure service.

Effortless Use

Administrator portals are provided by cloud phone system providers so that any designated team member can make changes (like adding a phone for a new hire) with a few simple clicks. Instead of relying on a specific IT resource for complex configurations, this is much more effective for businesses.

Advanced Features & Integrations

Cloud phone system providers concentrate on creating calling features that facilitate communication in a professional setting in order to remain competitive and relevant. A hosted phone system provider might, for instance, provide you with a softphone that you can access from any location, CRM integration for automated logging, or a click-to-call app so you can make calls with a single click. Your company can save money and streamline processes by selecting the best cloud phone system.

Efficiency & Remote Work

The ability to scale with your business and support remote workers is another benefit of a cloud phone system. Remote workers can register their phones from anywhere since the service is hosted on the Internet.

More than 4 million Americans work remotely every day today. Companies frequently reimbursed employee cell phone and home phone bills without a hosted phone solution, which adds up.

Selecting a Cloud Phone System

The ideal cloud phone system for your company will depend on its size, requirements, and spending capacity. Additionally, it is advised that you confirm the provider’s reputation. You might think about Ooma, a virtual extension platform like Grasshopper, or even a residential VoIP service like Vonage if you have fewer than five employees. have a staff of more than five? The top providers of cloud phone systems are listed below:

  • OnSIP
  • 8×8
  • RingCentral
  • GoToConnect
  • Vonage for Business
  • Mitel
  • Dialpad

With the VoIP Researcher’s Guide: Top 10 Questions to Ask Hosted VoIP Providers, we simplified the sometimes awkward process of comparing VoIP providers. Please feel free to download it right away, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call.

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