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Cell Phone Repair Stores Identify The Biggest Enemy of a Cell Phone?

Oh No! Jumped into the pool without remembering the phone was in your pocket.

Doing dishes, your cell phone suddenly falls into a sink full of soapy water. OOOPS!!!

 Was outside in the rain without an umbrella?  Yikes!!! 

We at Apex Mobile have all been through such situations, and we know that water is your phone’s biggest enemy, capable of wiping out all the precious data and pictures.

Steps to follow in case the phone gets wet by Cell Phone Repair stores

Here is a list of things put together to do in case your phone gets wet

Take it out of the liquid Immediately

Grab your phone immediately in case your phone falls in a pool of water or some liquid falls on it. As the phone gets exposed to the water, it gets inside the case, damaging the internal components. So the sooner we take it out from the water, the better it is. There are a lot of factors that determine how much damage water can do to the phone. Hence, don’t freak out.

If the water is particularly clean, then it will cause less damage. Saltwater is hard on the phone and causes greater damage. Dropping your phone in liquids with high concentrations of sugar or salt is more damaging. For example, a coke spill will be more damaging for the cell phone than a spill of clean water, according to cell mechanics in Winnipeg. The sugar or salt particles get trapped inside the phone, causing more corrosion.

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Please turn it off

The cell phone will probably turn off after coming in contact with the liquid. If it doesn’t, make sure you turn it off immediately. If the cell phone remains switched on, it exposes itself to the risk of short-circuiting, which will cause more damage to the cell mechanism. You will not face any electric shock because cell phone batteries do not carry enough electrical current to hurt you.

Do not charge your phone when it’s wet

Don’t plug your phone in for charging when it is wet. The wall socket contains a more severe electrical current than batteries. Plugging in the phone while it’s wet will fry your phone and cause an electrical shock, worse, even start a fire. If you are still worried, a good option is to wear rubber gloves.

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Remove the sim card

It is necessary to remove the Sim card, memory card, and other peripherals. The iPhone will only allow its users to remove the Sim Card. Also, remove all the covers and plugs that cover the charging port, headphone port or any slots or gap. These can trap moisture in the phone and can also be damaged themselves.do dry the peripherals as well after the dip. Dry everything with a towel and let them sit for 48 hrs. or more. Sim cards and Memory cards won’t get much affected by the short exposure. The trick is to remove them immediately and dry them.

Dry your phone

Dry your phone with a towel, cloth, or microfiber. This externally dries up the phone. Avoid paper as the particles can get loose and clog up the ports.

Don’t use Heat

Avoid using microwaves, hairdryer, and oven. Don’t put your phone in a microwave or an oven until and unless you want to cause a huge electrical storm that will destroy your phone and make a mess of your kitchen. 

Even if all of the above points don’t help, take your phone to the nearest cellphone repair store like APEX Mobile and get it fixed by a cell mechanic in Winnipeg.

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