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Celebrations – Haldi and Diwali Sarees

The Gorgeous Allure of Haldi Sarees

One of the first ceremonies held prior to a wedding is the Haldi ceremony. The application of haldi on the bride and groom ushers in a new journey. According to the beliefs, the yellow colour of  Haldi brings in happiness, prosperity, and tranquilly to the new marriage. When you think of the colour yellow, you automatically imagine a happy family during a Haldi ceremony. For this unique ceremony, the bride, groom, and guests don yellow attire. There is no more appropriate traditional garment for the Haldi ritual than a yellow saree, as is well known. 

Since the Indus Valley Civilization, which existed between 280 and 1800 BC, sarees have been worn. Turmeric was once used as a dye to give the sarees their golden colour. While our ancestors were only able to use cotton and silk for their sarees, we now have a large selection to pick from, including gorgeous yellow sarees in addition to many other colours.

Importance of Haldi Function

The bride and groom gather with their family and friends during the Haldi celebration, which is a significant component of Indian weddings. The bride and groom might also use this occasion to reaffirm their love for one another. A brightly coloured haldi saree with gold embroidery is required for Indian ceremonies as a sign of devotion, spirituality, and fertility.

Designer Yellow Sarees for Haldi Ceremony

The stunning yellow colour is so vivid that it doesn’t need any other decorations. You will stand out from the crowd if you wear a yellow sari. Wearing this colour during traditional Indian ceremonies is considered lucky. For the haldi ceremony at an Indian wedding, a yellow saree is a need. The lehariya printed yellow sarees with gotta patti accents, which embrace the ethnicity of Indian artisans, will astound you with their elegance and simplicity.

Types of Fabrics in Haldi Sarees

Everything about a yellow saree for a Haldi ceremony is the fabric. Knowing the fabric while purchasing a saree is crucial because each type has its own qualities and advantages. A few prominent fabrics that are used for yellow Haldi sarees are:

  • Silk
  • Combinations of polyester or cotton and silk.
  • Georgette
  • Tissue

Diwali Sarees

Diwali, the festival of lights and sweets is a time when a new collections of sarees is released. This holiday season can be an opportunity to fetch the best saree collections. There are a lot of attractive Diwali saree collections available that are heavily embellished with sequins, crystals, and other materials to draw in everyone. Wearing sarees with such elaborate embellishments, women are guaranteed to leave onlookers in awe. Women choose to dress in their finest and best sarees and traditional drapes for Diwali. Every style, material, pattern, embroidery, print, and ornamentation on luxurious textiles is featured in the Diwali sarees. Georgette, silk, crepe, and tissue silk are the often selected materials.

The most elaborate and beautiful Diwali sarees attract every woman. The sarees to choose from are designer Diwali sarees, Diwali lehenga sarees, and conventional silk sarees. Few trending Diwali sarees are listed below:

  • Cotton Diwali Sarees
  • Chiffon Diwali Sarees
  • Brocade Diwali Sarees
  • Chanderi Silk Diwali Sarees
  • Crepe Diwali Sarees

A Guide to Draping Diwali Sarees

Diwali Pujas: Say goodbye to bulky jewellery and pair the Chanderi silk saree with bold pieces for the ideal fusion of traditional and contemporary.

Family gatherings during Diwali: Make a statement with a vivid Brocade saree by accessorising with oxidised jewellery.

Diwali celebrations at office: For an office party, a cotton saree with traditional designs for the ideal professional yet festive look.

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