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causes of emotional numbness

Emotional numbness requires a lot of courage to face it boldly, since it is painful.  It is an unconscious adaptation to their past circumstances and activities which they have been unable to forget over the years. . numbing out at a young age  can actually be  a coping strategy as things get too painful  but for us, as the growing individuals and as  we get used to it, it becomes a little too uncomfortable for us, a sense of  disconnection attaches to the person  and thus not being able to get access our feelings, not being impacted by the things happening around us. A sense of detachment engulfs the one where he/she is left all alone alienating themselves from the rest of the world. On a whole you start to  feel like a  passive person to your own life and feel a lingering sense of boredom. Thus a scary stage when you know the things that have brought you joy because you love, is not able to provide any pleasure.

The emotional number is a mental disorder that  have some major symptoms causing an individual- 

  • Panic attacks
  • A fee and a panic of developing into a psychopath
  • Lack of emotional empathy
  • Social distancing
  • Loneliness

7 causes of emotional numbness

  1. Lost our identity- forgetting about  our goals, hobbies, passion, values who makes us who we are. Thus losing a touch with our inner world and getting satisfied with everything we are stuck with. Losing  a sight of who we are and what we want to become can leave us out of control and miserable at the same time. We can have trouble handling so much emotions, frustration, loneliness and isolation  that we are left with feeling nothing at all making it equally dangerous as it comes with the cost of losing ourselves.
  1. Fighting with mental illnessemotional numbness is a mental health illness that involves around the mood disorder cursing symptoms like-
  • depression 
  • mental disorder
  • social disorder
  • panic attacks
  1. Traumatic past :  the past experiences leaves such a trauma throughput the life that individual feels  a sense  helplessness, shock, confusion and anxiety
  1. Healing  form a abuse:   when you are abused  by parents or family or friends or partner   be it any  kind of abuse- physical, emotional, verbal or sexual, it can be very damaging to a person’s mental health . Abuse càn negativity impact our ability to regulate and understand our emotions as well.
  1. Recovering from an important loss: we lose our loved ones or our family partner, this sudden demise can often leave a person helpless, miserable and detached from the people around whom they love and thus the world too. This phase of recovering can be very challenging and at the same time a threat to the peace of our mental health.
  1. All time stress: a feeling of burnt out and all worked up, be it the pressure from school or work office can lead to  an emotional burnout and  an excessive pressure which they are unable to cope with.
  1. Heavy or hard medications: using antidepressants or mental stabilisers which are drugs that depress our nervous system. Though these help to fight back our mental illness, taking it without a doctor’s  prescription is completely wrong, damaging our mental illness
  1. Feeling empty and lost of interest: a feeling of guilt is what consumes the person thus engulfing in a feel of emptiness and a state where you are all detached, no pressure is felt, just a mental state of being vulnerable

How to fix it?

People don’t even realise if they are disconnected from themselves, so accepting the fact that we do not have a proper control of our feelings is at first. 


EMDR and somatic experiencing are used mainly in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and trauma. These are the treatments that help the individual  in helping to recover from anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, and substance abuse. These mental disorders consume the person on a daily basis where they tend to start hating themselves and people around them.

Somatic Therapy engages body awareness as an intervention in psychotherapy and addresses the connections between the brain, the mind, and behaviour. EMDR Therapists trained in somatic interventions have advanced tools to work with the dysregulation of the nervous system associated with post traumatic stress. Also  a child healing work therapy can be very helpful ,helps to connect with oneself where you understand how much foreign you have become. This therapy helps to connect the person with themselves and creating a sense of inner safety

Our duty

It’s our duty as citizens to find them, help the people suffering from emotional numbness to fight for a correct treatment, a specialised place like mental health facilities and thus provide them with emotional support at all times. Ensuring to get a professional doctor with experience since such patients needs extra care though at the right time , a little late can be a threat to one’s own life.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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