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CareLogic Qualifacts EHR Software Features & More

If you’re in the market for EHR software, you may want to consider CareLogic’s web-based electronic health record. This software has intuitive workflows, logical reasoning behind its functions, and laboratory integration. But how does this EHR software compare to other options? Read on to learn about some of its pros and cons. This comprehensive review will also help you decide whether this system is right for your practice.

CareLogic is a web-based electronic health record

CareLogic EHR has a variety of features that are ideal for physicians’ offices, including patient portals, web-based social networks, and flexible front desk tools. Its front desk tools allow users to manage referrals and patient medical histories from one central location, while integrated messaging and billing capabilities allow for continuity of care with nearby hospitals.

The software’s streamlined workflow and analytics capabilities allow for collaborative interdisciplinary teamwork, better patient outcomes, and revenue cycle management. It also supports reporting and analytics, enabling you to create custom forms and reports that reflect the care plan and patient’s specific needs. CareLogic EMR is easy to use, and its IT support and operations team can help users navigate the software. The cost of CareLogic EMR depends on how many users you have and the initial implementation costs.

CareLogic EMR is highly customizable, allowing users to create as many forms as they need, customize their account settings, and display practice information. Carelogic’s customer support team is also available online to answer any questions you may have, and many of them are experienced healthcare professionals who can share their experiences. You can even join the Carelogic community to learn more about the software. The community includes blogs, tips, and private messages.

Qualifacts CareLogic is a web-based electronic healthcare record software designed for medium to large-sized organizations. It includes features for revenue management, scheduling, billing, e-prescribing, consumer engagement, treatment planning, and ad hoc reporting. This web-based EHR software is ONC-ATCB certified. It is ideal for behavioral healthcare organizations. It is also easy to implement, and its customer support staff consists of experts who specialize in specific EHR functions.


Qualifacts CareLogic EHR software provides a robust workflow for behavioral and mental health services. This software uses a rule-driven validation engine to reduce administrative burden and foster collaboration between healthcare agencies. Its flexible platform also offers SOAP notes, laboratory integration, and progress notes. It is user-friendly, with an extensive support center to assist users. It is also completely browser-agnostic, so it runs on platforms other than Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Qualifacts CareLogic is one of the ONC-certified EHR systems list. Its robust features include revenue management, scheduling, billing, and other clinical functions. Other features include e-prescribing, consumer engagement, and ad hoc reporting. If you’re interested in learning more about Qualifacts CareLogic EHR software, contact us. You’ll be glad you did! Our sales team is standing by to answer all of your questions.


The Carelogic Qualifacts EHR Software is intuitive, user-friendly, and customizable. Its web-based interface is simple to use and intuitive. CareLogic’s comprehensive capabilities include electronic prescriptions, SOAP notes, laboratory integration, and progress notes. It also has an extensive online support center to help you find answers to your questions and problems. Its user-friendly design makes it easy to use and customize the software to fit your practice’s needs.

The Carelogic user interface is easy to use and reliable. It features an easy-to-follow workflow. Despite being intuitive and user-friendly, it can be a bit dated. CareLogic’s new browser-agnostic design means it runs on platforms other than Microsoft Internet Explorer. Nevertheless, care providers will still find the interface difficult to use, especially if they are not experienced with computers.

Users can configure CareLogic to meet their unique needs. It comes with numerous features and options already configured, and you can customize the software according to your needs. CareLogic also comes with dozens of reports and features designed to handle every step of the patient/client process. CareLogic also includes features to manage the data of employees. With the carelogic EHR Software, you can save time and money on administrative tasks.

CareLogic Qualifacts EHR Software is highly configurable and easy to use. Its customer support team is composed of experts in various EHR areas. And the company’s community is supportive.

Laboratory Integration Supports

The Carelogic EHR Software supports laboratory integration. The CareLogic interface is easy to use and has intuitive workflows. Carelogic uses a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, ensuring fast implementation and low total cost of ownership. Users can customize the software, and the company also hosts regular webinars. There are also several support resources available. The company also offers a user-led community for its customers, which meets quarterly to discuss system use and new features. Additionally, Qualifacts holds a yearly conference, which is a great way to meet the company’s team and learn about new features.

Behavioral healthcare organizations increasingly connect to regional HIEs and other EHR networks. These connections reduce administrative burden and improve collaboration among healthcare agencies. Carelogic EHR Software also supports SOAP notes, progress notes, and electronic prescriptions. The customer has an extensive online support center and a comprehensive FAQ section for a number of questions. The CareLogic EMR Software supports laboratory integration. The system also supports lab order submission and results.

Qualifacts CareLogic is a web-based EHR software. Pricing for the software is based on the number of users and the cost of initial implementation. For larger organizations, the CareLogic EHR Software supports laboratory integration. A free trial version is available to try. The software supports laboratory integration and supports behavioral health care. The company has been in the EHR software industry for more than 20 years and has multiple EHR solutions for behavioral health and labs.

Qualifacts CareLogic is a certified ONC-ATCB-certified electronic health record (EHR) system. Carelogic’s features include scheduling, billing, scheduling, and consumer engagement. Further, Qualifacts CareLogic supports laboratory integration, allowing providers to integrate their EHR with their laboratory. You can integrate carelogic EHR with your laboratory system to improve your workflow and maximize patient care.

Advanced Analytics

In 2022 Best in KLAS report, Carelogic and Credible are ranked No. 1 and No. 2 in the healthcare IT industry, respectively. These awards honor software and services companies with innovative solutions in the healthcare industry. The companies’ rankings are based on feedback from healthcare providers. Qualifacts has a robust support network to address any issues and provide ongoing client engagement. The software is customizable, making it easy to configure it according to your practice’s needs.

CareLogic Analytics supports multiple statistics sources and facilitates visualizations and dashboards. CareLogic Analytics can increase efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, it supports multiple data sources, which enables the use of advanced analytics.

Its user-friendly interface is highly intuitive for end users. Its workflow is simple, ensuring greater ease of use for both physicians and staff. It is also reliable. It is also browser-agnostic, allowing users to use it on platforms other than Microsoft IE. In addition, CareLogic is easy to implement and requires close collaboration with healthcare providers. Moreover, it also has a robust customer community with private messages and blogs. CareLogic provides IT operations support for all its users.

With CareLogic’s advanced analytics, behavioral healthcare organizations are able to extract information from their electronic health records. All of these features make carelogic EHR Software a good fit for behavioral health organizations. Its easy-to-use interface makes it an ideal choice for behavioral healthcare organizations.

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