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Canon M50 Mark II: The best mirrorless camera in Pakistan

Mirrorless cameras conquer the camera market in Pakistan. Although it is still a new technology, some people have started to embrace it.

They are an alternative to the digital single-lens reflex cameras known as DSLR cameras when it comes to quality and versatility. The capabilities of these two cameras are almost the same.

There is a slight difference between a mirrorless camera and a DSLR camera. Mirrorless cameras, also known as interchangeable-lens digital cameras, allow lenses to be interchanged.

This mechanism is not common in most of the popular cameras in the Pakistani camera market.

Even if these cameras didn’t fully capture the attention of the masses in Pakistan, they are worth considering.

Yes, mirrorless technology is still new, but that can’t stop it from making an impact in the market. You can try this new technology and be among those who enjoy its early attitude.

So, do you want to try it? There is the best mirrorless camera in Pakistan and none other than the Canon M50 MK II.

Why the Canon M50 MK II is the best mirrorless camera?

  Many aspects make the Canon M50 MK II stand out as the best mirrorless camera on the market. Here are some of the reasons.

All-round camera

First of all, the Canon M50 MK II is an all-around mirrorless camera designed for professionalism. The creators only emphasized the focus and portability, which are the most demanded by vloggers.

So if you’re a beginner content creator or someone who wants to get the perfect shots, this Canon M50 MK II is for you.

Smooth, sharp, and vivid images

What else you will like about this mirrorless camera are the sharp, vivid, and smooth image results made possible by the 24.1 MP APS-C CMOS sensor and the DIGIC 8 image processor that minimizes noise. The auto focus and the light optimizer ensure clear images.

perfect for all lighting conditions.

This camera can serve you anytime, anywhere. Whether you want to capture beautiful images during the day or at night.

the Canon M50 MK II still excels with its ISO sensitivity ranging from 100 to 25600 to ensure its functionality in all lighting conditions.

Perfect for moving targets

With continuous recording at up to 10 fps per second, the Canon M50 MK II can be used to photograph fast-moving targets.

video recording capability

When it comes to video recording, the Canon M50 MK II cannot be doubted. Equipped with a Dual Pixel CMOS, it can focus quickly during video recording.

Additionally, it is capable of recording 4k videos aided by the ability to record at 23.98 fps.

Affordable mirrorless camera

If you are bothered by the high Mirrorless Cameras price in Pakistan, then this is the camera to consider. The Canon M50 mark II price in Pakistan is around ₨146,900 in Pakistan and many people can afford it.


In summary, the Canon M50 Mark II is an affordable mirrorless camera that comes packed with unique and beneficial features. The Canon M50 Mark 2 Price in Pakistan is at Rs146,900 and you can take advantage of the flexibility it offers.

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