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Can We Make General Tso’s Chicken at Home?

Chicken has become the most used and popular meat over the past few years. The past 3 or 4 decades have earned chicken the reputation of the most popular protein source in the whole United States and the rest of the world as well. Even in Pakistan, it’s used in many ways. From BBQ items to classy juicy curry, chicken can be found everywhere. Its combo with cheese, any type of seasoning, dressings, and sauces are unmatchable.

However, getting the crisp, juice, and tenderness in a single chicken cuisine will be a treat. You can have all these three things in Tso’s chicken. Crispy fried pieces of chicken dipped and cooked in a combo of soy sauce with oth1st-times will be something you never want to miss.

However, the main concern is that can you make it at home? What would the homemade version of famous chicken cuisine, Tso’s, taste like? Like every other cuisine, yes, you can make Tso’s chicken at home. You only need to follow a simple recipe to make it at home. Here is the recipe

Collect Ingredients

The first step toward any recipe is to collect its ingredients. The ingredients of Tso’s chicken are very simple. You can get them easily in your kitchen or bring them from nearby stores. To make chicken, you need chicken, garlic, vinegar, ginger, salt, spices, seasoning, marinating sauce, and cornstarch.

To make the sauce, you need way more ingredients. The sauce adds the typical flavors to this cuisine. You need soy sauce, chili, rice vinegar (apple cider vinegar or white wine vinegar will also do a good job), brown sugar, hoisin sauce, sesame oil, chicken stock, and corn flour. 

Frying the Chicken

The next step is to fry chicken. To do so, you first need to cut the chicken into tiny cubes. Keep the size of cubes the same. The ideal size of the cubes is one inch. After cutting the chicken, marinate your chicken with sauce and add some spices and seasoning to it. Marinate it for at least 1 hour. 

After that, coat them with cornstarch or simply corn flour. Then fry them in a deep pan with hot oil in it. Fry them until they get golden brown and cooked perfectly. Get them out and set them aside.

Note: The coat of cornstarch on chicken cubes must be uniform. Otherwise, the oil will get inside, and they will not gain the typical crispier outside with a tender and flavorful inside.

Making Sauce

It is the most critical step in making this cuisine. It gives the typical flavor and taste to Tso’s. To make the sauce, you need to take all the ingredients in a bowl except chicken stock and brown sugar. After mixing, check its taste, and then add brown sugar for sweetness. Keep its amount as per your preference. After that, add corn flour to increase the thickness of the sauce.

Mixing and Serving

After the sauce is prepared, take your fried chicken and place it in the sauce. Make sure to dip the chicken pieces in sauce deeply. They must be covered entirely with sauce. Wait for a few minutes after dipping them, so the sauce gets deep inside them.

Now it’s time to serve Tso’s chicken. Serve it with any type of bread you want. However, it makes a perfect combo with white steamed rice and chow mein.

Experts Suggestion

Here are some tips from professionals to make Tso’s chicken perfectly at home.

• Usually, people opt for breast chicken. However, thigh chicken will do the best job. It has more flavor than any other part of the chicken.

• Always use low sodium soy sauce. Also, keep an eye on the amount of salt you added. Soy sauce already contains a lot of salt in it.

• When it comes to spices, always use fresh ginger and garlic. Powdered garlic and ginger will not do the same job.

• When frying chicken, don’t overcrowd it. Always fry in small amounts, so no spilling takes place, and they get fried from every side.


This general Tso’s recipe will assist you in making a delicious dinner. So, what are you waiting for, head towards the kitchen and start making a delicious dinner for yourself? Pay special attention to tips for a pe1st-time time experience.

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