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Build your kids to success in school

After a long day in the sun and lazy days in the pool, getting the kids back on track to start the new school year can be a big challenge.

The evening before school is not a good time to prepare children for school. It is best to prepare a few weeks before school so that the children are ready to change and fresh for the new school year.

Here are some tips to help parents get started:

Get your kids excited.

Prepare your children for school by turning the school management system into a family reunion event. When buying school supplies, ask the children to complete the list by filling out the shopping cart, keeping them engaged and excited.


Find books, papers, pencils and paints, and practice reading and writing. As you play, ask your children how they feel about starting school. This is a great time to talk about their worries or fears.

Back to the school year routine

Set a realistic bedtime a few weeks before starting school – and keep this so that children can sleep the recommended 10-12 hours each night.

Kindergarten activities

Here you will find information about nursery school activities or events, such as meetings and greetings with teachers. This is a great way to introduce your kids to your school and meet their teachers.

Practice your morning routine.

Before the first day of school, think about how long it will take for everyone to get home on time. When your children walk to school, practice the road, show them where to stop and cross the street if necessary. If your children are bus passengers, show them where to get the bus and check the bus rules.

Check your routine.

Make sure you know what you need to do to keep your busy morning schedule smooth. To save more time in the morning, consider setting up a timer on your coffee machine at night, preparing lunch, and reviewing your homework. And practice your new routine before the stress of the school year really hits.

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