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Can Life Path Number in Numerology Help in Your Career Choice?

Numerology studies the relationships of numbers and letters with your personality and life events. It helps you to know more about your potential and what life holds for you. The best numerologist in india believes that your birthday says something essential about your personality. 

Know your life path number and learn how to calculate it.

The Life Path Number gives an insight into your strengths, weaknesses, goals, hidden talents, etc. As a whole, it tells about your personality. Numerologist online says, it also talks about your life experiences in your past, present, and future and analyses why they occur.

Find the Life Path Number by taking your date, month, and year of birth. Add all the digits. If the sum is a two-digit number, add the digits till you get a single number. This number is called your Life Path Number. But, if you get 11or 22, you do not have to further reduce as these two are called Master Numbers.

What does the number in your Life Path Number mean?

Life Path Number 1 tells that you are an independent person who creates your own path and needs no motivation from others. Numerologists say you are unique in your thoughts and approaches, proactive and courageous. You excel in careers that involve innovation, management, leadership, entrepreneurial ventures, life coaching, property development, and businesses. 

Life Path Number 2 tells that you are a peaceful person who values relationships and harmony in life. You are wise, compassionate, and willing to help others all the time. Careers that suit you the most are healing, therapy, administration, teaching, and accountancy.

Indian numerologist says 3 in your Life Path Number denotes you have a funny side to your personality. Your charismatic and creative nature draws you to careers in acting and writing. You express your thoughts well and can do well in teaching. You are a social being and like to spend time with others and love attention. Other careers that suit you are hospitality, travel, personal care, and sales.

Life Path Number 4 tells that you are a grounded person and have a moral sense in everything you do. You are bound to your conscience and will not do anything wrong. You are hard-working and determined and will not give up your goal until you have reached it. You will do well in auditing, editing, engineering, property, and accountancy careers.      

5 in your Life Path Number says that you are versatile and that your interest spreads across many fields. You have an enviable charismatic personality who loves fun, freedom, adventure, and excitement. You are full of energy and cannot sit in a place quietly for long. This makes you the right person for careers involving event management and PR. With your communication skills, you will excel in journalism, consulting, traveling, and sales careers.

 7 in your Life Path Number suggests that you are a philosopher. You have an inclination to go in search of life’s spiritual questions. Your analytical, questioning and intelligent nature make you fit for an engineering, technology, and strategy career.

Birth date numerologists say Number 8 tells you that you are a very ambitious person. You are interested in the materialistic world and are strongly driven to achieve your goals. You are organized, which makes you best suited for business and banking, finance, law, and property development careers.  

The number 9 tells that you are generous, helpful, and the kind that makes you well suited for social and government work. You are also a very creative person and so are interested in creative arts. Other career areas that suit you are counseling, teaching, and HR.  

11, your Life Path Number suggests that you have all the qualities of number 2. In addition, you strive to uplift others’ lives. You are an open-minded, inspiring person with intuitions. You enjoy careers in life coaching, therapy, healing, esoteric practices and writing, TV, films, sports, politics, and invention.

With the number 22, you have the qualities of 4. In addition, number 22 makes you focused, practical, a perfectionist, and an ideal person. You are a visionary who can bring life to ideas. You will excel in careers involving technology, innovation, politics, environment, engineering, architecture, and health care.

A numerologist in India believes that numbers are mysterious and have meaning hidden in them. Know your hidden potential with the help of numerology and take its guidance to make the correct career choice and lead a prosperous life.  

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