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California Employment Laws – What You Need to Know

California has a strong and detailed employment law system. The state is also home to some of the most competitive job markets nationwide. This makes California an attractive destination for employers looking to staff up their offices, expand operations or launch new business ventures. Unfortunately, California law also imposes a high degree of regulatory oversight over employment practices. This can make it difficult for smaller companies to access qualified applicants, who will instead prefer to work with larger and more stable enterprises. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on your chances of employee success in California. 

There are three important factors you need to consider if you want to attract top talent: 

1) Know the laws – learn about how the legal system works in hiring employees in California before making any decisions. 

2) Know your rights as an employer – understand your responsibilities as an employer regarding employee labor law as well as other laws that may affect your ability to hire and fire employees in California. 

3) Engage an employment lawyer – find a local employment law attorney who specializes in attracting top talent and helping businesses grow in California and beyond. There are law firms like Bartz Law group that can help.

What Are the Employment Laws in California?

Employment laws in California regulate when, where and who you can hire and fire, as well as how long you can keep an employee oneri after they’ve served their purpose. Your state and federal laws apply to employees in California as well. You can’t just set up shop in California and start hiring employees. You’ve first got to get a license to operate as an employer. To get one, you have to apply to the state, and then you have to wait a minimum of one year before being approved or denied. You also have to pay a registration fee, which is also charged annually. During that waiting period, you can’t hire or fire employees. Instead, you have to apply to the state for a license. If you’re approved, you then have to pay a fee, which is used to fund the requirement to buy a license. Employment practices that aren’t in compliance with California law can lead to hefty fines and even jail time.

Who Has the Right to Choose Where to Work?

You have the right to choose where to work as an employee in California. This includes the right to fire employees and the ability to change your mind about a job offer after the fact. This is often called the “right to change jobs,” and it’s critical to your company’s success. You also have the right to refuse a job offer, or decline a job offer that you know in your heart you can’t accept. This is known as “constructive dismissal.” This means you have the right to say no, and you have to do it honorably. But you can’t just fire someone and then claim you were being racially or ethnically discriminated against when in fact you weren’t the one who was being treated unfairly. In those situations, you can be found in violation of the law. You can even face a lawsuit.

Hiring and firing employees in California – Basics

The law in California allows you to hire and fire employees in a variety of different situations. You can fire an employee at any time, for any reason. You can also reduce the term of an employee’s employment to a minimum if you need to cut costs or avoid violating any laws. You can also hire employees who are temporarily available from abroad, who can’t speak English well enough to work in California, or who are your spouse or close relatives. If you want to hire someone on a temporary basis, you must give them proper notice. This includes giving them a chance to get their affairs in order and arrange for their return home. You have to provide at least 24 hours’ notice. You can’t just hire someone on a casual basis and then let them go when their job is done. You have to give them proper notice before hiring them for any reason, no matter how short-term the relationship is. You also have to pay your employees on time, and provide them with a safe and healthy work environment. These factors determine how long employees work for you in California and how much pay they deserve.

Record-Keeping for Employees: Keep Good Records!

You must keep good records for your employees in California. This includes recording job title, job description, dates, hours worked, the name of their employer, and the compensation they receive. You must also keep records for your employees who are not permanent residents of the state, including their visa and master’s card numbers. If you don’t keep these records, you can be held in violation of state and federal labor laws. You also have to keep records of your employee absences. This includes the reason for absences and the amount of time off work requested by the employee. If you don’t keep these records, you can be found in violation of the law.

The concept of “constructive dismissal” – or why can’t you just let go?

You have to give employees a chance to respond to job offers before you let them go. This is known as “constructive dismissal.” If an employee is laid off, they have the right to request a “constructive dismissal” from their employer. This happens when an employee tells their employer that they are no longer interested in the position, and gives a legitimate reason for their decision. If the employer still insists on firing the employee, they can still be in violation of the law. They just have to give at least 48 hours’ notice before actually firing the employee. If an employer continues to fire an employee after they give the proper notice, the employer is guilty of a battery. This can result in jail time and a fine.


Employment laws are complex and strict in California. You should familiarize yourself with the law so you know where you stand when hiring employees. You also need to be aware of your employee’s rights under employment law if you want to hire them on a temporary basis or reduce their salary or benefits.

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