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What You Need To Know About Cable Carrier Drag Chain

Manufacturers use an array of parts within their machines to create products and assemble them. Many factors require machines to set up automated processes where robotics are used to perform key functions and lower risks to workers and the parts. As they use these machines each day, there is a certain level of wear and tear that could reduce the useful life of equipment. Find out everything you need to know about using applications to protect the machines and the manufacturer’s products.

What Is a Drag Chain?

The primary purpose of the cable carrier drag chain is to cover all cable wires in machinery. However, some applications use the chain to provide a coating for hoses transporting liquids. These chains prevent cable wiring from tangling or causing machine issues. The wires won’t become unwound or damaged while the machines are in use, and companies don’t have to worry about liabilities such as personal injuries or damaged materials. Once the cable drain chain is in place, businesses provide protection for the machines against corrosion.

Drag Chain

Decreasing Friction in Machines

Dust inside machines causes problems over time, and if the wiring causes any friction, the dust begins to build up in the equipment. Over time, this prevents the machines from performing as expected, and the life of the equipment decreases. Dust accumulation could lead to contamination inside parts and products that cause internal damage or failures. Manufacturers use cable drag chains to decrease these risks.

Selecting the Best Drag Chain

Manufacturers first test the material’s friction levels. Lower friction means fewer dust particles in the machine and on the products. The right material for the drag chain is smooth and doesn’t have any hard textures, and smoother materials cause less damage.

Are There Other Major Advantages?

Yes, not only does the product protect against corrosion, but it’s also oil resistant and gives manufacturers more predictability for how their equipment operates. The factories aren’t polluted if the manufacturers add the drag again applications. Machines are far less noisy, and workers do not need earplugs to protect their hearing in these environments.

Choosing the Best Type of Drag Chain Applications

Suppliers offer general, enhanced, enclosed, and metal drag chain products. The manufacturer’s production needs determine the type most suited for the factory, and most facilities use a general drag chain. Metal products are similar to engineering supplies using stainless steel and lower the risk of friction and issues with scrap materials.

A cable carrier drag chain is a popular product used by manufacturing plants to cover cable wires and prevent major catastrophes. In manufacturing plants and factories, friction can damage the machinery and slow down production levels. Wires within these applications increase risks if they become unwound or move in the wrong direction. If there aren’t any protective materials over the wires, there is too much friction and dust accumulates inside the machines, which increases pollution and noise from the equipment. Corrosion and oil resistance are vital for these machines to reduce wear. Find out more about using these products from a local supplier.

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