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BYD Atto 3 review, first drive – impressive real-world range tested

Wapcar Automotive News – If you’re not quite in tune with the Indian car scene, the BYD Atto 3 may seem alien. But not an exception, Atto 3 is an important link in helping BYD become the largest electric vehicle manufacturer in the world. The electric SUV is the first model to be introduced globally, arriving in India after launching in Southeast Asia, Australia and Europe.

It is assembled in India, where BYD has long been present, and is the company’s second electric passenger vehicle to offer here after the e6 minivan which was also recently available to private buyers.

BYD Atto 3 Interior, Features, Space, Practicality

Unlike the exterior, the interior of the BYD Atto 3 is up for debate. There’s an organic, humanoid space design here that BYD says is inspired by muscles and exercise equipment! You’ll then see some meaning in the top part of the dash, the muscular center section with some mechanical parts inserted like the cylindrical AC vents. This unique design extends to the doors with built-in speaker latches, lever door handles and playable cords in the door pockets.

But ignore those gimmicks and the Atto 3’s cabin is pretty well done. The panel material is soft, there are no gaps on the panel that are inconsistent, and the switches work flexibly, even down to the weird AC vents and door latches. The gear lever too, with its exercise equipment-like handle, is easy to use on the go. It’s also a functional and functional space with a basic EV architecture. As a result, the low panel height and rather slim columns provide a good view to the outside. The cockpit is that of a classic SUV and the seats, despite being monolithic and heavily padded, are quite comfortable. There are many adjustments to these, so finding a good sitting position shouldn’t be difficult.

The Atto 3’s legs are large and there’s also good storage space with lower space underneath the floating center tunnel for devices and charging ports as well as a large central armrest. If anything, the wire door pockets could be larger and while you do get an array of buttons to control the driving and regenerative modes, basic ADAS functions and climate control. The temperature controls are on the touchscreen, so it takes some getting used to.

That 12.8-inch screen is the center of attraction here. You may or may not like its rotary function, via a button on the steering wheel, but the screen itself is packed with technology. It’s basically an Android tablet, so you have Spotify and other Google apps. Because the driver’s screen is so small, most functions directly from the voice assistant to ADAS are controlled here. You even get a particularly useful 360-degree camera that works even on the go with 3D rendering and dash cam, but has good touch response and a decent layout and submenu. It lacks Android Auto/Apple Carplay, which is a drawback, although this will soon be integrated with an OTA update.

The small 5-inch screen in front of the driver provides all the information you could possibly need, but its small size clutters that information. As a result, the battery and power level meters are very small, as is the ADAS graph. There is also limited adjustability.

Rear passengers will also be pleased with the Atto 3. The floor isn’t too high unlike most trams and the benches, with the same contoured shape as the front seats, help keep you in place. There’s also good thigh support while there’s plenty of legroom and headroom, aided by the EV packaging. There are adequate charging ports but the door pockets are relatively small.

The Atto 3 may be available in a single variant, which is fully equipped including heated and power-adjustable exterior mirrors, CN95 air filter, panoramic sunroof, dual-zone climate control, NFC unlock , electric front seats, one-touch automatic for all four windows. and a motorized trunk lid are the highlights. Given the location of the e-battery, not having a spare wheel might be a concern for India, but you get a massive 440 liters of space. The trunk is also low and the trunk floor is flat, square with a small closed compartment below the tray.

BYD Atto 3 real world range, battery, charger

Beyond technology and convenience, the BYD Atto 3 is a pretty compelling electric vehicle. This is due to BYD’s proprietary Blade battery technology. Atto 3 uses the latest repeater technology using lithium-ferrous-phosphate batteries arranged in a way to increase energy density while remaining safe. BYD is also developing all the components around this, from the lithium in the battery, its unique battery management system, to the architecture that results in 89% efficiency. 

Indeed, the Atto3 with its 60.48 kWh battery is getting closer to a range of 480 km NEDC and 521 km ARAI. We tested that and ended up with an impressive real-world range of 467 km. The technology seems to be working as there doesn’t seem to be a big gap as we experienced in city (12.5kWh/100km) and motorway (14.5kWh/100km) performance, compared to other models. other electric vehicles we tested. . Impressively, you can expect more than 400 km of range on the highway with the Atto 3, so car trips will be worry-free.

The Atto 3 can go up to 80kW from a DC fast charger in 50 minutes from 5-80%. Although AC charging is a bit long when only 7kW is supported. It takes 9.5-10 hours, so the 11kW charging option could be a great addition.

BYD Atto 3 ADAS, Security

The BYD Atto 3 also promises to be quite safe with a five-star Global NCAP rating. You also get a pretty intuitive ADAS system to go with that. The car takes a while to detect the road markings and tends to go too close to the right line, but other than that it runs pretty well. As a result, the Atto 3 steers a little jerkily but accurately in tight corners and loses or accelerates with adaptive cruise control quite naturally.

One useful touch are the hard buttons on the steering wheel that turn off the lane departure system and change the distance it maintains with the car in front. The vehicle will even warn of passing vehicles when you open the door in addition to the normal rear traffic brake.

Passive safety equipment includes eight airbags, traction control, electronic parking brake, TPMS and hill descent control.

BYD Atto 3 Price, Verdict

Ideally, the BYD Atto 3 should be priced at Rs 30 lakh, given the relatively unknown name BYD in India. But even at Rs 33.90 lakh, the Atto 3 seems like a bargain. Yes, you are buying brand new with some geopolitical uncertainty and the interior may be less experimental. But you get an impressive range, a huge list of features, smart looks and dynamic driving. A significant addition to the electric vehicle scene in India.

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