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Significance of Buying the Right Shoe Size

We all love trying different footwear like flip flops, sneakers, heels, and boots for several occasions to fulfil our fashion desires. After all, the right pair of footwear enhances our personality and adds stars to the outfit. 

Therefore, people consider a variety of shoes to choose from and flaunt their style to others. However, while buying the most modern and stylish footwear, they sometimes overlook one of the most crucial parts of getting the best pair, the right size.

Yes, a correct fitted footgear is vital to keep your feet healthy, as it will provide enough breathing room and utmost comfort and suitability. 

Besides, too loose fitted shoes will hinder a smooth walk or make you fall. And, if you select an extra tight pair, the chances are that you most probably end up having shoe bites, blisters and other foot injuries. 

To make you understand more clearly, we have covered some potential reasons to buy the right shoe size. Just delve in with us to get better insights on the importance of perfectly fitted footwear for a healthy and beautiful you.

To avoid pain in the foot

Poorly fitting footwear can be uncomfortable to wear for longer durations. In the worst-case scenarios, it can also cause pain in the feet. This can hamper your mood and be drastic for your feet, if not attended to with care then and there.

Choosing the right fitted footwear can avert these situations and let you walk with a bold stride. This helps give a strong impression to others.

Be sure to select the right shoe size unless you want to face a situation where you have to walk barefoot on an occasion and dent your self-esteem. Do not ruin your day just because of this mistake.

To be safe from annoying health problems

It is observed that shoes which are too tight can lead to corns which are often noticed on the outer side of your little toes. Not only this, but it can also aggravate bunions. The corns can eventually be removed but can happen again if you continue to wear ill-fitting shoes. Furthermore, you can encounter swelling, itching, and blisters in your feet due to wearing the wrong shoe size. 

All these health problems will halt you from walking smoothly or attending any function. To be safe from such unwanted health issues, consider buying snuggly fit shoes, be it flip flops, sneakers, heels and wedges, etc.

To prevent ugly fitting and appearance

You may not know, but footwear that is too narrow can give some ugly looking effects. If the shoes are closed in, but the upper material is quite thin, you may see the outline of your foot bulging at the sides.

In case, this bulge is too extreme or even overhangs the edge of the sole, it can directly impact the longevity of the footwear. As the upper is touching the ground and there is no protection there to prevent wear and tear. 

It can be even critical with open sandals as your feet will be one hanging and actually touching the ground. Besides, bulging can often occur in pumps or court shoes. So, be cautious while trying the footwear for your own health and safety.

To prevent the above-mentioned problems, make sure to measure your foot size accurately at home or even at the shoe store. You can ask one of the staff members to measure your feet for double assurance.

Be kind to your feet and make the wise choice among the plethora of designs. Many brands have now started to offer wider-fitting styles. You can also opt for one to feel and see the difference. 

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