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Thousands of candles are lighted on a daily basis. Many who do so used to have to worry about our young children either getting burned, or knocking one over and getting wax all over! The other option was to place a burning candle high on a counter, out of reach of the little ones. This is okay, but doesn’t add much ambiance to the room. No more!!

With the invention of the flameless LED candle we Mom’s can “burn” at will and have the whole house glowing with the flickering of candlelight. We don’t even have to sacrifice the wonderful aromas that can be exuded from scented candles; Led Candle flameless candles also come scented! Whether you prefer traditional Vanilla, enjoy Lavender, or want to go for Peppermint flavor you can still burn scented candles!

If hosting a dinner party to include the kiddos, you can also purchase submersible tea lights to add to a floral arrangement. Flameless tapers will make the dinner table look glamorous without adding an element of danger! A child reaching for an extra helping of potatoes knocks over the candle; no worries! Just put it upright once again without having to contend with messy wax.

Flameless candles

With summer just around the corner the parties will be taken to the outdoors. Once again not a problem! Flameless candles are also made for indoor/outdoor use. They can be placed directly on the patio table(s) or placed in a garden lantern and hung. Their flickering “flame” won’t even be extinguished should there be a breeze. The flameless candle is a “must have” for those living or vacationing at the beach!

Another great use for this candle is a night light for those kids we Mom’s worry about so much! The soothing flickering of the LED can help lull even the child fighting to go to sleep. I know ~ I use it for my own boys! They enjoy watching the candle and I don’t have to worry about the house burning down. The automatic timer shuts the candle off after the designated amount of time.

So how does a flameless candle work, one might ask? Batteries! A typical 4 or 6 inch round requires 2 “C” batteries and burns for approximately 350 hours! An 8-inch round requires 2 “D” batteries and burns for 700 hours! Many brands even come with a timer so you don’t even have to worry about going through and turning each one off.

Beautiful Memorial Candles

Memorial candles are a great way to have a memorial tribute display after the funeral ceremony has concluded. You can light these type of candles every year on the anniversary of your loved one’s death, if desired. They can also just be a form of memorial display in your home.

These candles have a lovely type of subtle design on the front along with your loved one’s photo and some customized text. The candle artwork which includes the photo is embedded within the candle wax and therefore can be burned and enjoyed for the life duration of the candle.

Often families will purchase them for each main family member’s offspring. It’s a wonderful gift to give someone who has suffered loss. This type of memorial gift will sure to bring a smile to their face and touch their heart. It is special for those who recently lost a loved one because it is such a significant reminder of them.

Memorial candles come in large pillar styles in a 3×9 dimension, smaller pillars at 3×6, votive candles, LED flameless candles which require no lighting but run on batteries. The LED candles are really amazing because they are flameless Led Kerze but still have the scent of a real candle. You won’t know the difference!

You can also customize text on the back of the memorial candle if desired. The text can be special names from the memorial ceremony, funeral poems, or a special song that was special for the deceased. They are appropriate for any occasion and you’ll be able to find these online retailers by searching for companies that offer funeral related materials.

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