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Building a Wikipedia Page – The Key Components for Success

This article serves as your roadmap to understanding the fundamental elements necessary for successful Wikipedia page creation and the strategic planning required to manifest them.

Wikipedia page creation: Establishing Notability

For creating a Wikipedia page, the notability of the subject matter is the first and foremost requirement. This implies:

Substantial Coverage: The article’s subject must have been spotlighted substantially by credible sources. “Substantial coverage” denotes that the source directly and comprehensively covers the subject. More than a cursory mention in an article will be required.

Credible Sources: The sources used in a Wikipedia article must uphold credibility. This translates to third-party publications with a proven track record of accuracy and meticulous fact-checking. Newspapers, magazines, academic journals, books, and other respected publications are suitable examples.

Independence from the Subject: The sources must be autonomous from the subject. Self-published sources like personal blogs, social media profiles, press releases, or websites controlled by the subject are not deemed reliable for establishing notability in a Wikipedia article.

The Process of Crafting a New Wikipedia Page

Developing a new Wikipedia page is a platform to disseminate knowledge to a global audience. However, certain critical steps must be taken before actual page creation. Firstly, thoroughly understanding Wikipedia’s stringent guidelines is imperative to ensure your new page conforms to Wikipedia standards. Here is a sequential guide on how to create a Wikipedia page:

1-  Acquaintance with Wikipedia’s Policies and Guidelines

Before venturing into page creation, invest time understanding Wikipedia’s policies and guidelines. Those are Wikipedia’s conflict of interest or CoIguidelines, notability guidelines, and neutral point of view policy warrant requires particular attention. This knowledge will provide insight into acceptable content and how to structure your article.

2-  Registration of a Wikipedia Account

Only registered users have the privilege to create new pages. Register a Wikipedia account using a valid email address and a username.

3-  Gain Experience by Editing Existing Pages

Before commencing a new page, practicing on existing pages is advisable to get a feel for the process. Edit an article or two to get acquainted with the process. No need for drastic changes; minor improvements will suffice.

4-  Perform Exhaustive Research on Reliable Sources

Wikipedia mandates that all data added to its pages must be verifiable from credible and independent sources. This step is crucial and must be executed meticulously. Accumulate references from books, journals, newspapers, or reputed online publications. Self-published media, such as personal blogs and press releases, are considered unreliable. More details can be found here.

5-  Draft the Article in Your User Sandbox

Rather than immediately making an article live, use your ‘sandbox’ provided with your user account to draft your article. This is a secure space to refine your Wikipedia article before publishing it.

6-  Compose and Format Your Article

You are now ready to begin writing. Craft a neutral, well-referenced article in your sandbox. Wikipedia articles should adopt an encyclopedic style, with suitable section headings, a lead section summarizing the topic, body sections offering detailed information, and a reference section listing your sources. To comprehend this, familiarize yourself with Wikipedia’s Manual of Style.

7-  Submit Your Draft for Evaluation

Your article can be made live if your account has made several edits. However, Wikipedia prefers new articles to be submitted for review. This involves transferring the content from your sandbox to the draft namespace, where seasoned editors will assess it.

8-  Respond to Feedback and Implement Necessary Changes

After submitting your draft for review, Wikipedia’s volunteer editors will scrutinize it. They may approve it, suggest modifications, or outright reject it. Accept their feedback constructively and make any necessary changes to enhance your article’s quality.

Specific Guidelines Based on Subject Matter

Besides the basic notability guidelines, Wikipedia also provides specific guidelines for notability based on the subject matter. For instance, to be considered notable, musicians or bands would likely need at least one album released on a major record label or have received significant coverage from multiple independent and reliable sources.

Biographies of Living Individuals

Biographies of living individuals, known as BLPs in Wikipedia lingo, form a distinct category for new Wikipedia pages. For a Wikipedia article to be created for individuals who are currently alive, adherence to “BLP guidelines” is mandatory. The core elements of BLP Wikipedia page creation include:

  1. Privacy concerns
  2. Specific content limitations
  3. Unverified or potentially defamatory content
  4. Elevated source standards

Creating New Wikipedia Pages for Corporations

A contention exists on Wikipedia. On one side, most companies desire the prestige a Wikipedia article about them brings. On the other side, numerous Wikipedia editors harbor resentment towards companies and quickly find reasons to dismantle or downgrade articles about companies, regardless of their industry segment.

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