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Brief Brahmatal Trek Guide

Beginner hikers can take this trip to the breathtaking lake of Brahmatal, which is located in the Chamoli region of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand and rises to a height of 12,250 feet. In Uttarakhand, you will undoubtedly come across stories about Gods and Goddesses wherever you go. The reason that Gods are said to have performed severe penance in this location, according to our Uttarakhand Dev Bhumi, is because of the Brahmatal Trek.

This six-day journey starts in Kathgodam and lasts roughly five nights. Over the course of two to three days, we ascend approximately 4,678 feet on this trek as we move from Lohajung to Brahmatal. We recommend that you explore these two pristine glacial lakes and take pleasure in camping next to Bekaltal’s frozen shores since Bekaltal is the main draw of the trek in addition to Brahmatal. The beauty of these two will be a feast for your eyes.

This journey is wonderful because it will reward you with an unmatched view of the Himalayas. You’ll pass through an evergreen forest with rounded rhododendron and oak trees in addition to a few little waterfalls that are constantly gushing water.

The Brahmatal Trek is one of the most stunning treks in India’s Uttarakhand state’s Garhwal region. This trip is a great way to begin exploring the Himalayas for those who like the great outdoors and adventure. Due to its stunning grandeur, particularly the views of Mt. Trishul and Mt. Nanda Ghunti from the summit, this trip is one of the most well-liked in India. You will always be able to see these two peaks, which have an elevation of over 7000 metres, starting on the second day of this trek.

The Brahmatal Trek is regarded as the most well-known winter trek in India, second only to the Kedarkantha Walk. You will pass through expansive alpine woods of fir, oak, and rhododendrons as you climb the winding paths; on the summit day, you will be at a height of 12,100 feet. The trek travels 22 kilometres up top, where you can get a bird’s eye view of everything around you.

Why is the winter trek in Brahmatal the best?

The Brahmatal Trek offers fantastic winter snow adventures. The first day, you travel through forests on snow-covered trails until you reach the frozen Bekaltal lake.

Your heart will be content if you spend the winter camping by the Bekaltal. On the second day, as you make your way to the frozen Brahmatal lake, you will ascend above the snowline and be able to see the vast expanse of snowfields. Finally, on summit day, you are treated to breathtaking views of the snow-capped Himalayan mountain ranges in Uttarakhand.

Bramatal is now the ideal winter vacation destination to take in December, January, and February as a result of the spectacular winter snowfall.

Where does the Brahmatal Trek begin?

The Brahamtal Trek starts in Lohajung, a tiny village in Uttarakhand’s Chamoli district, which is situated about 8,000 feet above sea level. Lohajung serves as the starting point for the Roopkund Trek and the Bedni Bugyal Trek.

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Since locals believe that the goddess Parvati faced off against the demon Lohasur here and won, Lohajung has a rich mythological history. Following the conflict with the Asur (Demon) Loha, this area saw the establishment of a village that was given the name Lohajung. According to a different urban legend, the place got its name from the torrential downpours that regularly occur there. Due to the continuous rain, or Jung, all metallic objects rust, or Loha.

How do I travel to Lohajung from Dehradun?

You can travel from Dehradun to Lohajung by bus or jeep before continuing on to Karnaprayag via Rishikesh. From Karnaprayag, you can drive to Tharali, Debal, and then Lohajung.

Dehradun to Lohajung is 298 kilometres away, and it takes a car about 12 hours to travel that distance, with stops.

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