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Dry Hire Wedding Venues:

A Dry Hire Wedding Venues is a wedding venue hired as a space. Dry hire wedding venues are sometimes called clean canvas wedding venues. Dry hire methods: You will find the venue empty, without catering, furnishings, enjoyment, or lights. It is then as much as you how you set up the venue how you want.

Some dry rent venues make you book their providers or charge a corkage or buyout to apply external suppliers or a unique caterer. At Events VUK, you are not constrained to use our providers or caterers. There is no corkage, no buyout. You can keep around to find the right caterer, bar provider, furniture company or wedding ceremony freedom to suit your price range and personal flavour.

Another call for this form of reserving is a blank canvas wedding because all the details are left to you. Dry lease venue is a term used outdoor of the marriage making plans and may be used to explain venue-handiest booking for other occasions.

We can also place you in contact with our supported suppliers who know the venues and features and have worked on previous weddings with us. Or we will touch with a marriage planner that will help you with each thing of your wedding plans.

Hosting your wedding is considered one of our Dry Hire Wedding Venues. It gives you total freedom and flexibility to set up the venue you like. 


With a dry hire, you have full management over every day’s issue. You can work with any caterer you like, making a decision on your starting and completing times; you could get creative with decor, plant life, lights, or furniture picks if you want.

Dry hire offers you a lot of flexibility in each aspect of your day and offers you extra management in allotting your price range to what topics all-out to you.

Dry Hire Wedding Venues also are plenty more flexible than traditional wedding venues. Dry hire is an amazing option if you are the form of a couple that dreads traditions or if a hard and fast menu puts you off.

If you are after an easy, ready to book venue with very few choices to make, then dry rent might be no longer for you until you figure it out with a marriage planner.

All dry lease wedding venues function differently; some venues charge couples’ corkage for BYO drinks or a buyout fee for running with external caterers. You cannot use our recommended providers or caterers at Events VUK, and we don’t price a corkage fee or a buyout.

Dry Hire Wedding Venues
Dry Hire Wedding Venues

Key Ins and outs to Select a Dry Hire Wedding Venue;

Now you know what a dry hire venue is, you need to realise why you must remember one. Here are a few top causes.

1.   They Can Reduce Wedding Costs

If you choose a dry rent venue, you could add your stamp to it; however, you could deliver in matters you got from different and less expensive businesses. Anyone looking to do marriage on a budget or shave off some of the expenditure needs to seriously think about a dry hire venue.

1.   100% Bespoke

By booking a dry rent venue way, you get to have the maximum non-public wedding tailored to your choices and wishes – without exceptions.

2.   Make Your Menu

Just like you may no longer like the shades, style or theme of the furnishing provided at a wet rent venue, a dry rent venue also lets you make your wedding ceremony menu precisely the way you want. Of course, wet hire venues provide you with alternatives, but you have unlimited choices if you convey them to your caterers!

Choose Events VUK:

A blank canvas wedding ceremony in a dry hire venue gives you the best opportunity to create your particular wedding ceremony. However, that doesn’t imply you need to do the difficult work yourself. Choose to get assistance from Events VUK, just like many different couples. We make wedding planning simple!

No Hidden Costs:

We are transparent with our Halal Wedding Venues prices, venue extras and reserving phrases out of your preliminary enquiry, so there aren’t any nasty surprises or hidden expenses.

Our dry rent rate card breaks down the lot, protected with dry rent in each venue and mandatory extras like protection, public liability coverage, waste collection, and a refundable harm waiver. Our Halal Wedding Venues rates card also includes a list of listings of non-compulsory extras.

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