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Birdwatch the robin is one of our most familiar birds yet it can still surprise us

an eerie November morning my Somerset g

arden is exceptionally peaceful. Except, of course, for the singing that is sung by one of the most popular and most well-known birds the Robin. This is a song I’m familiar with, as unlike nearly all British birds, they have territories and sing all through the year.

It’s not the only exciting aspect of the bird. It’s a common and well-known bird is, but it’s still able to be awe-inspiring as I found out during my year of looking for robins around my garden and more to research my latest book.

There are many reasons we have such

closeness to the robin and what’s more, in a nationwide poll conducted a few years in the past, it was ahead of the pack as Britain’s most beloved bird. Similar to other species of woodland, like the blackbird and the song

thrush It has made a great transition to our environment Few birds are as peaceful as the bird like the robin, and fewer have the same kind of presence in our landscapes.

Alongside along with its beautiful song The Robin is also very attractive to gaze at. The red-orange breast and blackeyes with a beady look as well as the way it cocks its head to one side like it’s checking you out will surely delight us. But of course, neither the sound nor How Long Do Birds Live

the appearance of the robins are to our advantage

The song is utilized to defend territory – not only in summer and spring but also in winter and in the autumn, too – and it is used to deter rivals during territorial disputes, which could turn violent.

What do you think of those beautiful black eyes? Studies have proven that we react positively to big eyes. We like them – yet , the reason that birds’ eyes are large is because it allows them to feed sooner in the early morning and end their day later unlike other birds.

The robin also appears in the stories of our children

as well as folklore and poetry, and is the most common bird to be seen in Christmas greeting cards. The robin was featured on Christmas Eve, and was even featured in a touching but ornithologically questionable commercial for Waitrose.

A lot of people have a strong connection to “their” robin, and appreciate the way it returns every year to eat meals from their bird feeders.

Try explaining to them that robins seldom remain for more than one or two years So they might have the same robin every year, but they are unable to believe in you. Explain that the robin they observe in winter months might have come to this area from Scandinavia

and that the spring robin they see is located in

France and they are also skeptical. It is interesting to note that male robins may fight until the end of time and raise their arms in terror. All of these are factual.

This is why I am so in love with robins. They live their lives beside us, all the time with us, but away from our sight. The revelation of their amazing lives does any harm to them. It only makes me realize the uniqueness of them. A friend of mine said: “A robin is for life, not just for Christmas!”

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