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Best yoga TTC in Rishikesh

Almost every school provides a yoga TTC in Rishikesh. It is a teacher training course that certifies an individual as a yoga teacher so that they can advance their career as a Yoga guru. Yoga TTC in Rishikesh are of various durations generally based on the difficulty level. Most schools provide three levels of difficulty that are beginner, intermediate and advanced. 

If you are just kick starting your career then the beginner one’s for you. For those who already have basic knowledge of yoga asanas then you can enroll in the intermediate one and if you are looking to master your skill then go for the advanced one.

In this blog, we will share with you some of the best yoga TTC in Rishikesh so that you can find the one which suits your needs the most. These teacher training courses are chosen after hours of research so that we can provide you with the best of the best. 

Living yoga school

Living yoga school offers a wide variety of yoga TTC in Rishikesh. There are 200, 300, and 500 hours of multi-style and Kundalini yoga teacher training courses. These courses take place every month and are taught by knowledgeable and experienced teachers so that the students are able to get the best education out there. If you are looking to get a verified certificate to kick-start your teaching career in Yoga then this place is the best for you. 

They offer 200-hour holistic yoga TTC, 300-hour holistic yoga TTC, and 500-hour holistic yoga TTC. They also provide 200-hour Kundalini yoga, TTC 300-hour Kundalini yoga TTC, and 500-hour Kundalini yoga TTC. 

In 200, 300, and 500-hour holistic yoga TTC you will be taught modern and ancient yoga combination, Hatha and Ashtanga yoga styles, body alignment,  yoga therapy, Ayurveda, mudra, Pranayama, meditation, anatomy, philosophy, Mantra, dance and kirtan, Satsang, silence, breath awareness, contemplation and so much more. All this will take place from beginner to advanced level. 

In 200, 300, and 500-hour Kundalini yoga TTC. Here the focus on Kundalini yoga is emphasized where the learner is taught to enhance the feeling of love and gratitude in them. In Kundalini yoga TTC you would be taught all that in the holistic yoga TTC along with lifestyle yoga, yoga Nidra, mantra and chants and so much more.

World peace yoga school

This school is highly recommended as the best yoga teacher training in India. This is the place for you if you are looking for a hub of yoga and a spiritual center at the yoga capital of the world in the valley of the Himalayas. 

This yoga teacher training in India is known to build a respectful connection between the students, the instructor, and traditional teaching methods to help achieve the spiritual goal of all.  Their various yoga teacher training courses are taught by teachers who have the experience of over 30 years of teaching as well as mastering their Yogic skills.

At the beginner level, there is 200-hour yoga teacher training, at the intermediate level the students are enrolled in 300-hour yoga teacher training and for those who are at the advanced level, there’s a 500-hour yoga teacher training course.

If you want to live near the local amenities while learning yoga in an authentic, home-like setting then this is the place for you. This school provides various services like taxis, spas, everyday organic meals, and excursions for its visitors and students.

Rishikesh yoga association

At Rishikesh Yoga association the training is given with the aim to enhance the lifestyle traditionally by giving them a new start and positive perspective to lead a fulfilled and happy life. At this association, all the yoga TTC in Rishikesh are certified and provided with RYA: RYS 200, 300 certifications by the yoga alliance. 

This school has various yoga teacher training courses including 100-hour online yoga teacher training, 200-hour online yoga teacher training, 100-hour beginner yoga teacher training, a 200-hour multi-style yoga teacher training course, a 300-hour yoga teacher training course, and a 500-hour yoga teacher training course. 

These courses take place in ashrams and training centers providing learning on various styles of yoga along with meditation. The aim of this yoga TTC in Rishikesh is to enable individuals to practice a healthy lifestyle with self-awareness. 

To make it possible to reach every part of the world they also offer online yoga TTC with life classes so that everyone can feel mental and physical empowerment. 

Along with the certificate of yoga alliance USA, it has the certification from the Ministry of Ayush, India, yoga alliance professional membership, and yoga alliance International certification. 

Rishikesh Yog temple

Rishikesh Yog temple is a registered yoga school under the yoga alliance USA situated at the yoga capital of the world in the city of Rishikesh. This school has helped many yoga experiences in the realization of the dream as a yogi. The yoga TTC in Rishikesh provided by them has changed the lives of many. 

The yoga teacher training course provided by them has three levels: the 200-hour yoga TTC in Rishikesh is for beginner to intermediate level, the 300-hour yoga TTC in Rishikesh is for intermediate level and the 500-hour yoga TTC in Rishikesh is for advanced level. 

These courses are available for everyone, who is just starting their career, can enroll in 200 hours yoga TTC and if you are a master in your practice and want to refine your skills then the 500-hour yoga TTC is for you.

You would be provided food and accommodation throughout your stay and your duration of stay here would be like the life of a yogi. You will be given yogic food that will detoxify your body and you will practice different asanas that will clarify your mind.

Jiva Yoga Academy

At the bank of the river Ganga, you can find Jiva yoga academy surrounded by forests and hills. This academy offers various yoga TTC in Rishikesh covering different styles of yoga. The courses here are made professionally by experienced teachers involving hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, and ashtanga yoga.  

If you are someone who wants to be a yoga teacher in the future or if you are someone who is here to expand your knowledge in this field then this is the yoga TTC in Rishikesh for you. This academy is registered with yoga alliance USA enabling its certificate holders to teach in any corner of the world.

The courses offered here are 100-hour yoga teacher training, 200-hour yoga teacher training, and 300-hour yoga teacher training course. If you are here for a short period of time and want to learn ashtanga and Hatha yoga then enroll in their 100-hour yoga teacher training course. In this course, you will learn breathing techniques, mental exercises, dynamic posters, and life cell choices so that you can control your mind with emotions.

Their 200-hour yoga teacher training course is considered the best as they provide a unique blend of yogic practices that can help achieve one’s inner peace and tranquility while also giving them a purpose and a balanced mind, body, and soul. You will learn about ancient lifestyles and the art of living while doing sequences of the vinyasa yoga style. 

Bottom line

These yoga TTC in Rishikesh are some of the best ones in the yoga capital of the world. Every yoga school here provides different teacher training courses in Yoga. If you want to get the best one for you then you first need to decide at which level you currently are. Then look at all the things you are being taught in that particular yoga TTC in Rishikesh and after going through it decide which one is the best for you.

We hope that through this article we have simplified your task a little bit. If you like this piece then don’t forget to go through our blogs to read more such articles.

Happy reading, Stay healthy!


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