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Best User Feedback Management for SAAS- The Ultimate Guide 

One of the most (if not the most!) valuable resources for SaaS growth is the efficient gathering of customer feedback.

To help you focus on the issues that really matter, today we’re going over the finest user feedback solutions. Additionally, effective feedback tools and practise will provide you with information that is actually actionable. You will find various user feedback management tools on the internet, and choosing one is one of the difficult tasks. Some of the common feedback management tools are Korrect ( also, the best canny alternative ) Canny, User Snap, Qualaroo, Hellonext and user’s voice.

Analyzing consumer feedback in depth may be difficult, complex, and occasionally sad. But keep your head up! In this post, we’ll examine how to employ focused in-app user feedback methods, such as micro surveys, as well as all the other whats, whens, whys, and hows of customer feedback.

Let’s get right into this in-depth guide to comments after that.

User Feedback- A Detailed Definition 

User feedback is information you gather about how customers feel about your goods and/or services. Customer feedback on how well your business’s efforts are serving their demands typically takes this form.

Whether favorable or unfavorable, gathering user feedback is essential for product development and expansion. Knowing what features clients want, need, or dislike from your product will help you decide exactly what to add or change.

Let’s take a moment to clearly understand why feedback is so crucial to your business before we look at how to gather and use it.

Importance of User Feedback in SAAS

You might assume that when someone uses the word “feedback,” they are making a value judgment about the product, whether it is “good” or “poor.”

However, that isn’t the ideal perspective to have.

Instead, see feedback as a tool for enhancing your business’s relationships with your clients. A better connection is based on open communication about what is and isn’t working, much like in personal relationships.

The basis for enhancing your product is user input.

It’s critical to understand whether or not clients are happy with your product. Even better, though, is to understand whether particular features of the product are bringing you delight or frustration.

You’ll have a focused lens for considering product changes if you make the effort to properly comprehend the finer details of the user experience. 

Data from user feedback supports your choice.

A significant financial and human resource commitment may be necessary to make modifications to your product. Getting your customers to provide you with feedback is an excellent approach to lower the likelihood of making an expensive mistake, much like you might check restaurant reviews before going out to dinner.

User input aids in lowering churn

When used properly, feedback is a potent tool for identifying barriers to product uptake and churn rate reduction. Even though it might not be your preferred reading material, many of your churn-fighting ideas can be found in unfavorable user comments.

Types of User Feedback 

It’s critical to think about the timing of your data collection and the use to which it will be put when gathering user feedback. In order to do this, feedback can be broken down into three stages, with various input kinds working well at each stage.

Proactive Feedback 

Actively seeking consumer input about their opinions of your product is referred to as proactive user feedback. Through proactive onboarding, you typically elicit this quite quickly after the sale. The goal is to identify and remove any potential barriers to widespread product acceptance.

– Point of conversion feedback survey 

– Net promoter score feedback survey 

– Product market fit feedback surey 

– Reactive feedback

-Customer effort score (CES) feedback survey

On-Demand On-Going Feedback 

Users may run across problems with your software that cause them grief, but they might not need to open a support ticket. It is considerably more probable that you will learn about such customer annoyances if users can give feedback promptly and simply. Otherwise, by the time a survey is launched, people might have forgotten about a tricky-to-find submit button or a peculiarly displayed page.

Right Time to Collect the User Feedback 

Several of the most popular formats for feedback forms include:

Picklists: Picture a multiple-choice quiz. From a selection of options, users select one.

Similar to picklists but allowing users to select multiple options

Rating scale: NPS surveys and product star reviews are two examples of rating scales. 

Open text: Free-response inquiries that frequently accompany quantitative inquiries to elicit the motivations behind respondents’ responses.

These are the different user feedback types; but, where should you use them? Your aims for the collected data will have a big impact on the feedback venue you choose.

By this point, I hope you’ve come to the conclusion that client feedback is nothing to be afraid of. SaaS benefits greatly from gathering user feedback and using it to enhance the customer experience. 

Remember that if you use feedback properly, it is helpful in all cases. The most fundamental thing you can do to start producing useful data from feedback is to take context into account while soliciting, gathering, and analyzing it. A jumble of conflicting emotions can be transformed into a wealth of useful information by asking the correct question to the right person at the right moment. Therefore, to ask them the right questions it is important to have the right data which can be collected from a good user feedback management tool.

Korrect is one of the best customer feedback management software. It helps in collecting feedback from multiple resources and showcases them all in a single place thus it helps in prioritizing and building on the product and services that users want. With the help of Korrect, it has become easy to collect feedback, analyze, prioritize and announce updates. 

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