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Best Snapmaker’s metal 3D printer

Snapmaker 2.0 modular 3D printer is one of the best metal 3D printer for sale on the market today, it is manufactured by Shenzhen Snapmaker Technologies Co. Ltd. The 3D printers’ all-metal construction has become Snapmaker’s trademark. Similar to other modular 3D printers, Snapmaker 2.0 is only more durable for printing large objects. Additionally, the Snapmaker 2.0 modular 3D printer uses anodic oxidation and high-performance aluminum alloy for supreme durability and dependability.

Snapmaker 2.0 Modular 3D Printer is manufactured in two models the F350 and the F250. The F350 costs €1,199 while the F250 as an affordable metal 3D printer cost €999.

The F350/F250 is a lite version of the A350T/A250T that only has the 3D printing function. For beginners, the F350/F250 is more affordable and simple to use. Even better, it can be customized for additional functionality by purchasing Snapmaker 2.0 Modules or Add-ons.

For less than 1,000 euros, the F250 desktop 3D printer offers a work area of 230 x 250 x 235 mm and respectable features. You can upgrade to an almost 2-times-larger F350, capable of printing one-piece, large-scale prototypes, for an additional €200.

The coordination between the Extruder and the Linear Modules is improved by the motion control algorithm optimization on the F350/F250. As a result, issues like gaps, cracks, and overflow are greatly reduced, ensuring quality while printing at moderate to high speeds. The cooling system for the F350/F250 has also been upgraded to combine lightning-quick speed and superb accuracy. Larger projects can now be 3D printed more quickly than ever.

The Controller’s innovative implementation of the CAN (Controller Area Network) Bus technology achieves modularity and ensures effective and reliable data transmission. As a modular 3D printer the F350/F250 can always be upgraded with dedicated modules or add-on’s to give it a personal touch.

So that you can fully concentrate on your making, the new F350/F250’s Power Module uses a much quieter fan whose speed can be adjusted automatically in accordance with the current temperature. This fan’s noise level is reduced by about 16 dB(A). The F350/F250’s noise level has even been further reduced by Snapmaker to 50 dB(A) during normal 3D printing, which is acceptable for a home or office environment. You can always check your 3D print in real-time without noise distraction.

Although the levels may vary, because certain parts of the machine can generate noise while in use. The TMC2209 stepper motor driver chips embedded in the new F350/F250 Linear Modules significantly reduce this noise. Quieter printing does not always imply slower speed. Snapmaker increases the screw rod leads on the X and Y axes from 8 mm to 20 mm, ensuring a stable and fast working speed.

To facilitate smooth use of the F350/F250, Snapmaker Luban, a software tailor-made for both experienced and inexperienced Snapmaker machine users, complementing your maker journey. And, yes, it is free. The F350/F250 has a 5-inch touchscreen for even more comfortable operation; its large screen is sufficient for comfortable operation. Even better, its simple navigation allows for a smooth and efficient user experience.

With the F350/F250’s faster printing capabilities, you can set faster speeds without sacrificing print quality. Additionally, the work speed will be set to be faster by default in Snapmaker Luban’s upcoming update.

You can purchase the Snapmaker 2.0 Enclosure, whose panels are especially made to reduce the impact of laser from the Snapmaker 2.0 Laser Engraving Module, from the highest level of class four to the lowest level of class one, to add an additional layer of safety to your F350/F250 during the manufacturing process. Additionally, the enclosure keeps the temperature at the ideal level when 3D printing with high-performance filaments like ABS, reducing the likelihood that the print will warp as a result of temperature variations Read more

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