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Best investment at DHA Housing Association

Would you like to invest in DHA Housing Society, the best real estate agency in dha ? Do you want to get maximum profit from an affordable and profitable investment? Get ready! Global Property Network offers great profit opportunities DHA projects have always been an attractive option for investors to raise funds, but choosing the right property at the right time can help you get the best deal in real estate in 2023, especially if you are planning to invest in the most suitable DHA option, read on.

Investing in DHA real estate companies

Despite low market levels and the downward trend in Pakistan’s real estate market, DHA still offers some income opportunities in the following phases:.

DHA Phase 10, DHA Phase 13 and DHA Cater.

For more details please follow:.

Lahore DHA Phase 10.

This is one of the key phases of the ingenious Lahore DHA project: Sale of distribution bags and deposits in DHA Phase 10. Here are the land files available for purchase under this project: Plots available for purchase under this project are

Housing file

5 Marla

10 Marla

1 Channel

Commercial file

4 Marla

The latest investment prices for this option are as follows.

5 Marla has a residential plot registration of L51.50 and is the only allocation registered. Payment can only be made in cash.

The registered residential plot of 10 Marla is included in the declaration and allotment records and the declaration price is approximately Rs74.25 lakh. On the other hand, the allotment deed is priced at Rs 75 lakh, but the supply is very small.

A record one residential plot for one kanal has been registered at a price of about Rs. 1.13 lakh. On the other hand, an allotment certificate for 1 canal costs about Rs. 1.12 lakh.

Similarly, in the DHA residential area, especially in DHA Phase X, commercial records have been put up for sale at 4 marla. The price of the land ranges from $2.55 million to $2.6 million. Currently, land in the DHA commercial area is reasonably priced and has very high potential. Just a year ago the same plot was sold for R1.6 million. However, long-term investments can yield good returns. We recommend investing in 10 Marla plots and a Canal plot as it is the best option at the moment. Please note All 10 DHA plots can be purchased in cash. Installment payments are not available.

Invest in DHA Phase 13 in Lahore

Investing in top real estate  company in DHAsettlement in 2023 is another important option. The current location is near Thokar Niaz Baig. However, there are rumors in the market that this location will change. But again, these are rumors and have not been officially confirmed. Moreover, the investment in DHA Phase 13 is 100% certain. The project started almost four years ago. So far, DHA has offered investors the best investment opportunities.

The 5 Marla plots in DHA Phase 13 are priced at Rs. 35.10 lakhs. These plots can only be purchased in cash. Further, the maximum rate for this registration is Rs. 45,000 lakhs.

Similarly, the prevailing rate for registration of Marla Lot 10 is Rs. 55,000. The maximum/maximum fee for these plots is Rs. 70,000,000.

The canal plots in DHA Phase 13, Lahore are priced at around `92-93,000,000. Previously, these plots were selling at a maximum price of $1,250,000,000,000. This means that these plots now offer a safe and profitable investment opportunity at $30,000 below the actual price.

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