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Best Gyms in NYC For Newbies

Do you want to have a serious workout routine while on a trip to New York City? You can have one of the best experiences in the best boutique fitness centers and exercise studios while in the Big Apple. 

From the mashup formats that test your physical limits, the motivating, upbeat playlists and group fitness classes provide tons of physical and mental benefits to your health that your home gym won’t do. There’s also research suggesting that doing new things can elevate your interest in exercise and improve your chances of repeating that activity again. Everyone’s preference varies with selecting the best gyms in NYC. You can equate it to dating. Every membership has its pros, cons, and perks. It would therefore be best to weigh your options right and think of what’s essential to you.

If you’re also looking to be a bodybuilder, you’ll find Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators from Canadian Anabolics to help you build more muscle, bone density, and lessening fat without resulting in many unwanted side effects. Instead of “taking various gyms on a date” around the city, here’s a guide to save you time. It’s a guide to the best gyms in NYC for newbies at all price points.

Address: Manhattan 27th St., NY

Planet Fitness isn’t an expensive gym by any means. However, it might be what you seek—known for the over 2039 gyms across America, making it one of the largest gyms in America based on membership members and locations. 

For $10 a month, you can get a one-month membership for one of the Planet Fitness gyms. To have access to unlimited guest passes, you’ll have to part ways with $21.99 per month. Known as a “judgment-free zone,” the gym feels approachable, especially if you’re a newbie. 

For instance, they have a drill called “The PF 30 Minute Express Circuit”- a self-guided workout comprising ten cardio stations and strength training machines. However, if you seek to have more personal attention, it would help consider another chain.

Another fantastic feature newbies might find helpful is the availability of an app. Powered by iFit, you can gain exclusive access to the training series. Once you sign up, you’ll gain access to six fun and motivating series suitable for beginners through to intermediate. 

  1. Crunch

Address: 250 W 54th St, NY 10019, USA

Crunch gym goes by the tagline, “No Judgement,” which they say is a way of life. The slogan means there’s room for everyone, even if you’re a newbie. Your workout choice won’t matter because their primary aim is to make you reach your goals. Crunch is a gym that believes in making serious exercise fun by combining fitness and entertainment and a pioneering philosophy in its tagline. It serves as a community for all. 

What sets Crunch gym apart is the various kinds of classes it offers to newbies, from boxing to antigravity yoga offered at “Crunch Signature” gyms. Not all branches offer this category. Therefore, it would help to check before signing up and ensure you make the most out of it. Many locations have nice perks, such as a sauna, towel service, and a steam room.

  1. Ludlow Fitness

Address: 100 Delancey Street, NY 10002

Ludlow Fitness is a full-service gym with various machines, free weights, cardio, and functional training equipment on the lower east side. What sets them apart from the pack is the hardwood flooring, the exposed bricks, the NYC-inspired baths, and the custom murals. And they offer to accommodate all people at different stages of their fitness journey. 

You’ll love the gym for the judgment-free culture and fantastic classes. For example, one lesson you can take here is the mindfulness movements with a combined strengthening conditioning, body, and mental awareness. They also have readily available staff that are helpful and caring. As a newbie, you can have a personal trainer that can help you familiarize yourself with the gym equipment.

  1. Mid-City Gym

Address: 345 West 42nd Street, New York City, NY 10036

Mid City gym might be your best gym in NYC for newbies if you’re looking to have strength training with the latest equipment. Owned and operated by Vince Consalvo, it’s one of the longest-serving gyms in the country, established in 1962. 

They have various classes throughout the week. For example, you can try their FITx interval training – a training method where you increase or decrease your workout intensity between aerobic and anaerobic exercises. They also have helpful personal trainers that can help you achieve your fitness goals. An added advantage is that they’ll offer you a free training session with your new membership if you sign up. 

  1. Exceed Physical Culture

Address: 97 Reade St, New York 10013

Following a successful debut on the Upper East Side and in the Hamptons, Exceed Physical Culture announced its new downtown location in June 2014 with an expanded workout schedule. Classes include intervals of strength and cardio throughout the sessions, including rowing, TRX, jumping rope, and med balls. 

Personalized instruction from the trained instructors focuses more on quality than quantity of reps performed. Still, if you prefer a personal trainer, the training area is downstairs filled with all the fitness equipment you can imagine. The locker rooms are also just as clean but much bigger and more spacious than its UES studio, so you can quickly and easily freshen up before heading to work or to meet friends for cocktails. Here you can go through it shop for steroids in canada online


It’s not a fad to get on the health and fitness train—it’s a lifestyle! Joining one of these best gyms in NYC is an excellent place to start. Fitness centers, especially those that are affordable and newbie-friendly, can seem impossible to find. But the above gyms will provide you with a starting point for your fitness goals. 

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