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For quick and precise temperature control, gas burners are always preferred by home cooks. In addition to their ease of use and high efficiency, gas stoves are renowned for their durability and low upkeep. You can select the best gas stove for your Indian kitchen with the assistance of this buying guide.


  1. Gas stove prestige svachh gtsv-03

Maintaining cleanliness is easy with a gas stove like the prestige svachh. A liftable burner set with a rubber base is a safer alternative as it prevents scratches on the hob glass and allows the cooker to be thoroughly cleaned.


  • Sturdy construction to prevent tipping and unnecessary movement
  1. 3-burner Milton premium gas stove 

This gas stove is popular with frequent cooks because it uses very little gas thanks to its three brass burners with three prongs. It has a tempered, shatterproof glass hob that is 7 millimeters thick, improving the product’s durability without sacrificing its contemporary appeal.


  • Non-slip feet ensure a stable stand. 
  • Customers can save money on their gas bills as a result of its high gas efficiency.
  • Good service from door to door
  1. Sunblaze’s platinum gas range with three brass burners

It is a good option for customers who do not cook often but still want to keep the quality. Features a burner with an ergonomic design and a stop made of tempered glass to prevent spills. Simple to operate and maintain.


  • A three-burner stove at an affordable cost. 
  • During cooking, the non-slip structure prevents slippage.

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  1. The prestige iris LPG 3-burner stove 

It is one of the best gas stoves available. The kitchen appliances manufacturer’s prestige is well-known. The trip-in burner in this cooker is made to cook food quickly and effectively. Additionally, the burner keeps the product clean and hygienic by preventing spills.


  • Easy maintenance is provided by the leak-proof design.
  • Daily cooking design is straightforward
  • It is very user-friendly.
  1. The regal sunshine gas stove

It is the best gas range when all aspects are taken into consideration. This oven is a high-end product at a reasonable price. Among its many features are the smallest hob in India, a 30 percent gas savings, lightning-fast delivery and installation time, smooth knobs, and flame protection.


  • Flame retardants greatly aid Indian warships and prevent fires from starting.
  • An ultra-slim design is beneficial for contemporary kitchens.
  • Uniform cooking with high thermal efficiency
  1. Elica hob 4-burner glass-topped stove with four burners 

The elica hob 4-burner is the most expensive 4-burner on this list, so cooking enthusiasts should think about purchasing one. It guarantees that your food will cook quickly and evenly. 


  • It has heat-resistant knobs
  • Enameled pan supports
  • Automatic electric ignition
  • Hybrid placement technology
  1. Glenn’s four-burner LPG glass gas stove 

It is ideal for accommodating a variety of cooking requirements. The glen 4 burner gas cooker’s different burner sizes let you do more than one thing at once. They are all designed to save gas and make cooking more enjoyable. The durable body has a 6mm glass top that resists dirt, rust, and scratches.


  • An ergonomically designed button that makes it simple to use the oven throughout its lifetime. 
  • Modern and slim design the burner’s spill-proof feature prevents dripping.
  1. Whirlpool’s four-burner gas stove 

It is a great choice for those looking for a high-tech gas cooker with a lot of features. An item of opulence on this list. A gas stove that can be manually or automatically ignited. This product has the longest warranty period of all the others. In addition, it has knobs that resist heat and a built-in/freestanding hybrid location. 


  • The best stability for your Indian cookware is provided by the cast iron pan support
  • The tempered heat-resistant glass pan support will last for years.


  • Automatic electric ignition complements the stove’s sleek hybrid design and eliminates the need for a smooth knob lighter. 
  • It is extremely durable.


  1. When should you get a new gas stove?

A dependable gas stove lasts longer and rarely requires replacement after eight to twelve years. However, if attempts to repair your gas stove have not resolved the problem and it is experiencing heating issues, frequent improper burns, or other similar issues, it should be replaced. Consult our buying guide before deciding on a heavy-duty stove.

  1. How long does a gas stove last?

He can use a high-quality gas stove for 10 to 12 years at a time, it will run efficiently, and it will not need much maintenance.

  1. How can the gas stove be cleaned?

We suggest gently cleaning your stovetop once a week with dish soap and vinegar. Additionally, we advise daily stove cleaning with a dry cloth.


The gas range is a crucial kitchen appliance. We sincerely hope that this overview of the best gas stoves in India has assisted you in selecting the ideal home appliance. Before deciding, please take the time to read our terms and conditions carefully.

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