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The Secret to Always Having White Teeth

The color of our teeth is one of the most frequently inquired about aspects of our teeth. As a result of this, we decided that it would be beneficial to publish an article that provides some pointers on how to keep our teeth white over the short and long terms. We offer best in industry products and treatment at Best Dental Services.

But before we get into the specifics, we would first want to clarify the many hues of white that are present in your teeth. As well as the reasons why, your teeth may discolor over time.

Shades Of White on Teeth

There are four distinct ranges that act as a reference and split the color of the teeth. These ranges may find below. They denote by the letters A (a ruddy brown hue), B (a ruddy yellow hue), C (a gray hue), and D. (reddish gray).

There are varying degrees of illumination and darkness across each spectrum. These levels, along with this range, make up a table in which they are located and reflect all of the many colors that a tooth is capable of having.

On the other hand, it ought to be obvious that around 70 percent of the population has natural teeth that are in the white ranges that consider typical (called A3).

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Why Do Teeth Develop Discolored Over Time?

There are a variety of causes that might result in discoloration of the teeth. As our enamel thins and wears away, our teeth will become more yellow in appearance. Consuming acidic meals, grinding our teeth (bruxism), or cleaning our teeth with an excessive amount of power can all weaken the enamel of our teeth, causing them to lose their natural color.

On the other hand, can affect the color of our teeth by the foods and beverages we consume, such as coffee and alcohol, as well as by behaviors like smoking.

Last but not least, decalcified portions of our teeth can also cause white spots to form on our teeth. This may be an indication that our teeth may eventually develop a cavity. In turn, can cause dental fluorosis by the incorrect use of items that contain excessive fluoride in youngsters. This can result in white patches on the teeth.

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Getting A Whiter Smile with These Tips

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Some of the things that we can do to ensure that our mouths are in pristine condition include practicing proper dental hygiene, maintaining a healthy diet, and avoiding potentially damaging behaviors such as smoking and drinking alcohol. Remember that you need to go to the dentist every three months, or at the at least, once a year, in order to maintain the highest level of dental health possible.

In the following paragraphs, we will go over in further detail the easy actions that you need to take in order to keep your teeth as white as possible for as long as possible.

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1. Take Care of Your Oral Hygiene

As is common knowledge, the primary instruments for removing tartar and plaque from our teeth are daily dental cleanings in conjunction with professional oral cleanings performed at regular intervals. Because of the adhering layer that develops on the surface of the tooth, these two components might cause the teeth to have a yellowish appearance. Because of this, cleaning will play a very vital function in ensuring that our teeth continue to have a bright white appearance.

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2. Watch Out for Foods That Might Discolor Your Teeth!

It is common knowledge that there are some foods that, when eaten, can cause a change in the teeth’s natural coloring. Among these are some of the most widely consumed beverages, such coffee, tea, and wines (red and white).

On the other hand, we can’t overlook the fact that there are other factors that do not recognize them, widely. But that, without a doubt, can make your smile look less white. In this particular instance, we are referring to meals that are high in acidity. Such, as oranges and lemons, fruits and vegetables that have a strong pigmentation.  Such, as raspberries and beets, carbonated soft drinks, energy drinks, and some condiments, such as ketchup and soy sauce.

Therefore, make an effort to avoid certain meals, and if you do want to eat them, ensure that you practice proper dental hygiene immediately thereafter. If you want to keep liquid from getting on your front teeth, a smart habit to get into would be to drink using a straw whenever possible. If you are interested in learning how to properly wash your teeth, read the following article.

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3. Add to Your Diet Foods That Have Whitening Properties

We have just looked at foods that have the potential to discolor our teeth; but, are there any meals that may actually help whiten our teeth? The correct response is “yes.”

Among them, we find the following:

Broccoli And Cauliflower:

Both broccoli and cauliflower take a significant amount of chewing, which encourages the body to produce more saliva, which has a natural cleansing effect.


Strawberries have an enzyme in them that helps whiten teeth, so eat them often.


Lactic acid found in dairy products helps to whiten teeth while also strengthening the enamel that covers them.


Apples have a cleansing effect on the mouth when chewed properly.


Eating celery regularly might help maintain your teeth white and your gums healthy.

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4. Some of The Benefits of Using Apple Cider Vinegar

The natural bleaching abilities of apple cider vinegar are well known. Even though we won’t see effects right away, rinsing with apple cider vinegar for a few weeks can help us whiten and eliminate stains from our teeth. On the other hand, we must limit our usage of this method since an extended exposure to the high acid concentration it produces might be detrimental to the teeth.

5. Change Your Toothbrush Every 3 Months

If you use a manual toothbrush or an electric brush, you should consider replacing the brush head every three months at the very latest. In addition to reducing the efficiency of your regular brushing routine, it is an ingredient that contains a large number of germs, which you are going to spread all over your mouth if you use it.

6. Avoid Brushing Hard

When you brush too vigorously, the enamel on your teeth may become damaged, and as a result, your teeth may become more yellow. In addition to ensuring that the bristles of your toothbrush are in pristine condition, you need to take precautions to ensure that they do not exert an excessive amount of pressure on your teeth.

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7. Floss

At the very least once per day. You will remove food remnants from your teeth, molars, and gums that were previously hidden or that brushing your teeth could not remove.

8. Rinse with Mouthwashes

After brushing your teeth, using an antiseptic mouthwash or rinse can remove any germs that may still be present in your mouth. It will also leave your breath smelling fresh and give you a sense of cleanliness. It is important to keep in mind that you may also avoid yellowing by using a whitening toothpaste once or twice each week.

9. Keep Your Tongue Clean

In addition to the things that mention thus far, it is critical that we pay attention to and preserve the cleanliness of our tongues. To do this, we can use tongue scrapers first thing in the morning; in doing so, we will remove the bacterial plaque that formed on our tongues while we were sleeping during the previous night.

10. Do You Have Very Stained Teeth?

If you have teeth that are severely discolored or yellowed, and they do not improve after you apply the whitening techniques that we have provided you with, you should go ahead and get your teeth whitened professionally. When you finish with the whitening process, it is imperative that you remember to put these pointers into practice.


When we practice good dental care at home, it is possible for our teeth to maintain a brighter appearance for a longer period of time. On the other hand, there are several methods available to whiten your teeth that will enable you to acquire the shade that you desire or that is most suited to your individual qualities.

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