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List of Restaurants that are Serving the Best BBQ in Lahore

For food lovers, the best BBQ in Lahore is served at many restaurants; no one can beat the standards of this city. The city of gardens is famous for its cultural values and mesmerizing food. No doubt, the restaurants of Lahore have amazing and mouthwatering dishes to offer but when it comes to BBQ, the restaurants are second to none. Since BBQ is a traditional food item in Lahore, even tourists love to satisfy their taste buds with the tangy BBQ of this city. Nearly, every restaurant in Lahore serves BBQ. The main challenging task is to find the right spot to choose the best among all. We have enlisted some of the best restaurants plating up appetizing BBQs for your convenience. 

Al-Khan Restaurant:

With 3 branches in the nation, Al-Khan restaurant serves the best BBQ in Lahore. The restaurant is renowned to provide premium quality food for years. All thanks to its scrumptious tasting BBQ, customers are visiting this restaurant more and more. Using high-quality ingredients, the chefs ensure consistency in food quality and thus, achieve high culinary levels. Besides food, the restaurant provides an exotic ambience to provide a fine dining experience. From lamb chops, and chicken malai boti, to beef seekh kebab, their entire BBQ menu is irresistibly good. Conclusively, Al-Khan restaurant is an exceptional BBQ restaurant providing tasty options at reasonable prices.

BBQ Tonight:

Find out the authentic and unique tasting BBQ dishes at BBQ tonight. It offers a tasty, delicious, and perfectly cooked BBQ that you cannot resist. The finest mutton ribs are available at BBQ tonight that will fulfil your mutton cravings. It offers several irresistibly good BBQ dishes, including mutton leg roast, chicken tikka, seekh kebab, and hunter beef. With a perfect and elegant interior, you can find a variety of food in a single restaurant. While sitting in a perfect environment, you can enjoy an intensely flavoured BBQ at BBQ tonight. It is located in Gulberg III and is open from 12 pm to 12 am every day.

Zakir Tikka:

Zakir Tikka is one of the most affordable BBQ restaurants in Lahore. Although this place does not have a huge building or good ambience, it promises the high-quality and perfect tasting of its BBQ. Since it is highly affordable, this place is crowded during any time of their opening hours. Their succulent BBQ dishes include Bihari Boti, malai boti, and beef seekh kebab which are also their specialities. Zakir tikka was a small BBQ point that has now been established into a huge restaurant serving numerous delicious BBQ dishes. It is located at Sarwar Road and opens from 5 pm till 3 am.  


Tabaq is a traditional BBQ restaurant with multiple scrumptious BBQ dishes. At Tabaq, they ensure that the prices of the food are highly affordable. Also, the BBQ is tempting and captivates the customers with its excellent presentation and aroma. To satisfy your BBQ cravings, you can order their mutton chops, Malai boti, and chullu kebab. The restaurant also serves delectable Chargha that you cannot help to resist. It provides an appealing environment for you to enjoy BBQ with friends and family. With numerous branches across Lahore, you can always delight yourself with a delicious BBQ from 12 pm to 1 am.

Pataka Boti Restaurant:

Pataka boti can be your ultimate spot for flavoursome BBQ dishes in DHA. While retaining the original, traditional taste of BBQ, the restaurant adopts a modern way to serve desi food. It provides finger-licking good BBQ that you are surely going to crave more. It includes a variety of BBQ dishes such as kebabs, tikka, and boti complemented with paratha, naan, roti, kulcha, and plenty of tasty chutneys. The taste of their food is not going to disappoint you. Instead, it will satisfy your taste buds like never before. The ambience of this restaurant is also created in a pure desi way. It can be your go-to place to enjoy delicious and richly tasty desi food and BBQ.

Nadeem Tikka:

Nadeem Tikka is an affordable mouth-watering restaurant. It is nicely embellished and provides a perfect spot for friends and family to enjoy delicious desi food. A wide range of BBQ dishes is available at this restaurant which includes Bihari boti, chicken charge, malai boti, and malai kebab. With pocket-friendly prices, the restaurant serves high-quality food with perfect presentation. To enjoy savoury BBQ food, you can visit Nadeem tikka located at Gulberg III from 12 pm to 3 am.

The Best BBQ Restaurant:

BBQ is available at any restaurant in Lahore but choosing from all can be difficult. To choose the best BBQ in Lahore, our vote goes for none other than Al-Khan restaurant. With highly fair prices and extravagant taste, you can tantalize your taste buds and enjoy scrumptious BBQ and desi food no place else. 

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