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Best 3×3 Speed Cubes

If you’re looking to improve your solving speed, it’s important to have a good cube. The best 3×3 speed cubes have perfect corner cutting, no pops, and smooth turning.

Cubes that turn fast offer minimal friction between layers which provides a fluid and effortless feeling while performing algorithms. But not all turns are created equal.

1. YJ Yulong V2M

The YJ Yulong V2 M is the second iteration of the popular budget 3×3 from YJ. This cube has many features that make it one of the best magnetic speed cubes for beginners. It has a modern design and has medium magnets housed in slots which improve stability and control. Its loose tensions, fast rotation and premium feel makes it a great choice for those who are looking for a solid 3×3 without spending a fortune.

If you are looking for a cheap magic cube to play with when travelling, at home or just to break your personal records, the YJ Yulong V2 is an excellent option. It is a good entry-level cube that can grow with your skill level and even compete with flagship models for a fraction of the price. The improved anti-pop technology and structure also makes this one of the best magnetic beginner cubes on the market. It has a smooth and crisp turning experience that will allow you to improve quickly.

2. QiYi MS

QiYi MS is an incredible magnetic 3×3 speedcube built for performance and economy. Part of the new “MS” series, it exceeds expectations with a surprisingly high level of quality and performance for such an inexpensive cube. It turns incredibly smooth and crisply, with clean, precise movement.

This is one of the best budget-friendly cubes available, perfect for those who have recently started speedcubing. It’s fast enough to allow you to wear in a basic technique and squeeze good times, but also has the feel of an experienced cuber and is enjoyable to play for hours on end.

The Qiyi MS is a fantastic value and one of our top recommendations for those looking for an affordable cube to grow with. It’s not quite as smooth as the Teng Yun M or forgiving as the Valk3 M, but it still gives a great feeling and performs well out of the box. It’s also a great cube to use for practice of finger tricks and drawing series.

3. MoYu WR M

The WR M is Moyu’s flagship cube that features adjustable magnets and a smooth compact feel. It also includes a system to change the magnetic strength which allows you to have different pulls when turning the layers of the cube. This system is very easy to use and works great for both beginners and professional cubers.

This new version of the WR M incorporates MagLev technology. This system removes the springs from underneath the center caps and replaces them with two repelling magnets which allow for less friction and no spring noise. This makes the cube faster and much more enjoyable to solve. It also comes in a bright stickerless color scheme with purple internals.

The Lite version is the same as the regular cube except it doesn’t include the extra accessories like the display box, cube stand and screwdriver. It also has only 5 levels of magnet strength instead of 9. This version is great if you’re just starting out or want to save some money but still want the latest and greatest from Moyu.

4. Gan 11 M Pro

GAN 11 M Pro is the newest flagship 3×3 speed cube from popular manufacturer Gan. It features a range of unique technologies including an advanced adjustment system and interchangeable corner-core magnets. There are two different versions of the cube: the Pro and the Air. The Air is a non-magnetic cube that uses the same mechanism as the Pro but does not include the magnetic core or magnet swapping features.

The Pro features a new omnidirectional magnetic core which incorporates the industry’s first corner-core magnetic positioning system. In addition to the traditional 48 magnets, the core now includes 8 pairs of magnets stemming from the core into each of the corner bases. This creates a consistent magnetic feel which is strong without an aggressive snap. The magnetic strength of the corner magnets can be adjusted with a switch between light, moderate and strong.

The GAN 11 M Pro comes in a Frosted finish (same as other recent Gan releases) or a UV Coated version that is more resistant to scratches and has a high-gloss, grippy feeling. It also features the same dual adjustment system as the Gan 356 XS which allows for quick switching between 6 different elasticity settings and 4 tensions that can be adjusted by hand.

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