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Benefits Of Investing In A Commercial Hand Dryer

A hand dryer is a device that you can use for drying hands after washing. It is commonly found in the public toilets in malls, restaurants, and health care facilities. Some of them are automatic while others are push-button.

Commercial hand dryers are those machines that we tend to see in public restrooms like those in airports, malls, gymnasiums, stores, etc. These hand dryers have various benefits over paper towels or other alternatives and this article will list some of their benefits.


The benefit of investing in a commercial hand dryer is that it will help you to reduce your carbon footprint. The reason for this is that it uses less energy and water than the traditional hand washing method, as well as reduces chemical usage by using only warm air to dry hands. As a result, your business will have less of an impact on the environment because of its reduced energy costs and water usage.

Reduced maintenance costs are another benefit of investing in commercial drying systems. Commercial hand dryers require little maintenance compared to other types of drying systems such as towel dispensers or paper towel dispensers, which can lead to increased profits by saving money on costly repairs or replacements.

Protect your customers’ health and safety

Paper towels are full of bacteria — especially if they haven’t been changed regularly. This is especially problematic when there are children in the mix (who have weaker immune systems), but even adults can be susceptible to germs if they’re not careful about where they touch things like door handles and toilet seats.

Protect your floors

Paper towels can leave behind lint and other debris that can damage your flooring if it gets wet. By using a hand dryer instead, you can avoid this problem altogether.

You’ll have cleaner restrooms

Hand dryers eliminate the need for messy paper towels, which can get stuck under the stalls and create an unsanitary environment in your restrooms. Paper towels also create waste that needs to be disposed of, whereas hand dryers are 100 percent recyclable materials.

More hygienic

One of the biggest benefits of investing in a commercial hand dryer is that it’s more hygienic than paper towels. When you touch a paper towel dispenser, you run the risk of getting germs from someone else who touched it before you did. These germs can spread through your hands and be transferred to other surfaces throughout your office, making them even less clean than they were before. With a commercial hand dryer, however, you don’t have to worry about this happening because there’s no contact between users and their hands!

High Speed

The speed at which a commercial hand dryer operates is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a unit. If a fast-operating hand dryer is not available, then you will have to wait longer for your hands to dry and this causes more energy consumption.

When choosing between different types of commercial hand dryers, there are many different factors that should be considered. One such factor is how long it takes for your hands to dry after using the machine. While some people would prefer slow drying times, it makes sense from an economic standpoint if you want faster drying times because this means less money spent on additional costs such as electricity bills.

Easy To Use

Hand dryers are simple to use because they’re intuitive, and they require no installation by a professional. All you have to do is lift the lid, drop-in paper towels or hand towels, and close the lid again. Most hand dryers will beep at you when it’s time for a new load of paper towels or when it’s time to change out filters. If you’ve ever used one before, then you already know that these dryers are easy enough for anyone in your office or home to operate. If you want to maximally improve your bathroom, then you need to add commercial soap dispensers and then you will have a winning combination!

No Maintenance Or Replacement Required

A dryer is an investment and as such, you want to ensure that it lasts. You don’t want to be spending money every month on repairs or replacements.

With a commercial hand dryer, there is no need for maintenance or replacement because they are built to last.

The best part about this? It means that you don’t have to hire a plumber, technician, janitor, or cleaner for your hand dryers!


There are a lot of benefits to investing in a commercial hand dryer. For one thing, they’re cost-effective. You’ll save on maintenance and energy costs by using a commercial hand dryer instead of paper towels or electric hand dryers. As mentioned earlier, these machines are built to last for years without breaking down or malfunctioning and require little maintenance during that time. They also consume less water than paper towels do, which helps you conserve the environment while still keeping your restrooms clean!

Hand dryers are an excellent way to improve the overall cleanliness of your washroom. They are more hygienic and easier to use than paper towels and they help prevent the spread of germs.

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