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Bed Bugs and Your Business: How To Protect Yourself

Big businesses such as being in the Hotel Management Industry have a lot to handle, especially when we entertain our guests, unwanted tiny pesky travelers oftentimes come along with them and stay in your establishments uninvited. While this may sound like a tiny problem to deal with, a serious infestation if not treated early might just be a serious financial risk that may also turn into a problem on the reputation of your business. Luckily, there are many precautionary measures we can take to protect your businesses from Bed Bugs, save yourself from financial problems and follow these five easy tips. 

Tip #1: Train and Educate Your Staff On How To Find and Deal with Bed Bugs

It is important to educate your staff about the possible infestations that might happen in your establishment so they know to calm down, not panic and alarm the guests, and know what to look out for every time it happens. Your staff is most like the first ones to find the early signs of bed bug infestation. Give your staff professional training on how to identify early warning signs such as blood spots on mattresses or finding bed bug shells on the sides of your mattresses.

It is also very important to take note of any history of  bed bug complaints so your staff can immediately take action and find temporary solutions to the bed bug problems while waiting for the professional exterminator to arrive. The earlier we spot the infestation, the easier it is to get rid of bed bugs.

Tip #2: Schedule Routine Inspections

A routine inspection is the way to prevent an infestation. Daily, even weekly inspections of your furniture, bedding and walls is one way to keep track of any infestation and find early warning signs to prevent it from spreading. Bed bugs usually breed in walls, corners, and the folds of your hotel curtains. This isn’t a new practice in hotel management but vacuuming really helps remove successful intruders. When washing beddings and towels, it’s best to dry your laundry on high heat to further kill any bacteria and possible bed bugs hiding from it. Lastly, always keep an up-to-date record of all the bed bug complaints, its room location, and room condition and monitor them the most.

Tip #3: Use Bed Covering For Your Mattresses

Protective covering on your mattresses are designed to prevent bed bugs from breeding and further squatting in your establishment. A pro tip would  be to use a light colored encasement so you can easily find any bed bugs.

Use An Effective Bed Bug Trap To Future Proof Your Area From Infestation

There are many effective traps that can be used to prevent bed bug infestation. The most common method is the pitfall type. These are special platforms or cups  you can put on the feet of your furniture and it’s designed in a way that when a bed bug enters the pitfall, they can no longer climb back up and escape. Another method could be hiring trained canines to easily sniff and locate bed bugs.

Tip #4: Licensed Pest Control Professionals Are The Fastest and Most Efficient Way

The last thing business owners want is a return of customers. The risk of a bed bug infestation is detrimental to the reputation and revenue of your establishment. That’s why in the worst cases of infestation, it’s cost effective to hire an experienced pest control professional to handle the situation. Professionals deal with bed bug infestation all the time and they are fully equipped in knowledge to find the problem areas and immediately use their special tools to long term eradicate your bed bug problem. They know so many approaches and different kinds of effective methods such as heat treatment and using strong insecticides. It’s best to opt for a heat treatment method  if you want a more organic and safe way that will not compromise your furniture and the people staying in your establishment.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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