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Ayurvedic Marma Therapy: Exploration of energy through massage therapy

Be it common viral fever or backache, we tend to resort towards the instant solution instead of waiting for the right ones or strengthening the immunity system overall. But when it comes to bolstering the fighting mechanism against germs from within, Ayurveda is something that comes in handy all the time. Look up Ayurvedic massage near me now to book an appointment.

The best Ayurvedic practitioner in UK places all his faith in this centuries-old Indian medicinal system, aimed at harnessing the energy flow of body, mind and spirit to regulate your innate doshas. However, the relevance of Ayurveda in 2023 is still intact solely for its capability to alleviate health problems and to treat them from their stem.

As Ayurveda therapies or medicines are infused with the goodness of nature and herbs, it takes a longer time than usual to heal. And from this perspective, our inclination of getting an immediate cure is something that pushes us away from the natural medicinal system of Ayurveda.

In this era of existentialism, identity crisis is quite commonplace and most often it ends up with emotional turmoil. No worries, Marma therapy is there in Ayurvedic literature to offer your soul a profound degree of solace without any sort of artificial intervention. Read more to find out what Marma therapy has to offer in accelerating the process of emotional healing.

What is Marma Therapy in Ayurveda?

Looking for the effective treatment of depression or suffering for a prolonged time with infertility issues? But the standard process of treatment is unable to come up with a panacea for such mental and physical troubles. Switch to centuries-old Ayurvedic marma therapy to deliver the healing touch to every part of your body and mind.

Marma therapy refers to a specialised healing mechanism that belongs to the branch of Ayurveda to optimise health and wellness overall through purification of the energy. However, the literal meaning of “Marma” in Sanskrit is secret. Plus, the importance of marma therapy lies in releasing the flow of energy, trapped in some of the body parts.

Want to dig deeper related to this secret Marma therapy and its application in curing a plethora of diseases? Let’s move to the below section of this blog.

Significance of five point marma therapy in Ayurveda

As per the current report of WHO, globally 1 woman in 6 is suffering from infertility issues and in most cases, irregular menstruation, and PCOS are blamed for the difficulty in women to conceive. But the reality is that the conventional treatment of infertility is quite expensive. And for the impoverished population, it is too difficult to afford the humongous cost of treatment.

If the conventional treatment appears to be a pricey option, would you leave the hope of making a quick recovery from the curse of infertility? Now we are going to mention some of the reasons for embracing Marma therapy in Ayurveda.

  • Turns the skin to be crystal clear-

In this era of social media, who doesn’t want to get flawless and spotless skin? Don’t let stupid quotes like ‘appearance is not everything’ dupe you. Because marma therapy entails the oleation or oil massage method to flush out toxins from your body in order to transform your skin to be crystal clear. Ayurvedic practitioner in UK also places trust in marma therapy through improvements in lifestyle and other aspects.   

  • Helping in the elimination of toxins-

In marma therapy, therapists usually conduct oil massage by involving the five sacred scalp points in terms of regulating blood flow and streamlining the seamless flow of energy. Do you know your scalp can be the key to ultimate relief from stress, acute anxiety and other mental troubles? And the five points on the scalp include ‘kapala’, ‘murdhni’,’shivarandhra’, ‘brahmarandhra’ and ‘manyamula’. Now, poor concentration or prolonged anxiety is no longer a menace as oil massage following the rules of marma therapy can beat them away.

  • Relief from joint pain and body aches-

Our sedentary lifestyle and most importantly long-term seating habits in the workstations are major catalysts of joint pain and excessive body ache. So, don’t just apply the pain-relieving gel or consume the painkillers as they both have their side effects on our health. Rather it is a wise decision to bid goodbye to the body ache and joint pain via marma therapy.

  • A proven remedy for anger issues-

Ayurveda teaches us all that our body and mind can be regulated or even some of our actions can be controlled. For instance, anger issues are almost prevalent among us and we hardly have any cure for it. But the harsh truth is that excessive anger results in emotional imbalance, short life expectancy and so on. Marma therapy endows our fingertips with the utmost power of decreasing anger to leave no detrimental impact on the body and mind.

Overview of healing via marma therapy

Want to know how marma therapy can be performed to maximise the positive outcomes overall? Let’s have a look at the below points to have a grasp on marma therapy and its benevolent role in human life.

  • Begin the oil massage with kapala through the use of the middle fingers and holding your breath for a few minutes. Then take long breaths to release the toxins from the body and to keep the flow of energy intact.
  • After performing this ritual in kapala, choose to follow the same process for the rest of the four points as well. 
  • Ending the whole process with Manyamula and here the focus should be on breathing in order to rest the pranic flow.

Final Words

Since it is depicting new directions in the entire medical field, it is high time for medical practitioners and scientists to grant Ayurveda not as an alternative treatment method, but as a mainstream method of treatment. For leveraging the benefits of Marma therapy, go for a web search by typing massage near me now. 

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