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Wildflowers belong to that category of plants that grow without any help, they derive their food and nutrients on their own, and there is no special care required to maintain these plants. These plants adapt themselves according to the environment provided and fulfill their needs accordingly. Speaking about wildflowers Australia is one of those countries where the largest number of plant species grow; almost 25000 plant species have been observed in Australia alone, and among them, 10000–12000 are wildflower species. More than half of these wildflowers do not grow in any other region of the world and are only indigenous to Australia.

Let us now discuss the various types of Australian wildflowers. These plants grow easily, but you must buy good seeds from a reputed wildflower seed supplier to make sure the plants do not show any signs of disease or abnormality.


The flannel flower is very beautiful, and its importance could be judged by the fact that it is used as a sign of health care awareness. The flowers are white, and the plant grows in all weather. The best soil to grow this plant is sandy soil, which is gravel and composed of coarse particles. Although the flower should not be ingested orally, it could be used in preparations that hydrate the skin.


Native iris is commonly found in Australia and has very elegant colored flowers. The colors could be specified as purple and blue. The plant grows best in temperate regions of the country and is mostly found in water bodies including lakes and ponds.


The coral creeper can also be called a queen’s wreath or coral wine. One special thing about this plant is that the flowers bloom throughout the year, so there is no restriction on the weather. The flowers are pink. Although this plant is very attractive, it is considered invasive in the United States, so it is commonly referred to as a weed here.


This is one of the most attractive plants you get to see in Australia. If you want to grow a plant whose flowers bloom in the form of a wreath, this might be the plant of your choice. This pretty-looking plant grows best in sandy soil where water content is low. The best time to grow this plant is between summer and winter, specifically from August to November.


Wattles acacia is considered the national plant of Australia. This plant is the most cooperative regarding soils and weather. It can tolerate all extremes of weather and can be grown in any type of soil, it does not require any special attention and grows on itself if suitable environmental conditions are provided. The flower color is yellow, this color can add beauty to your garden.


The Australian honeysuckle is a very unique type of plant as its flower shape is quite distinct. The flowers grow in the form of spikes in three colors which include golden, red, and orange, and the petals are arranged in a special pattern. If a good amount of sunlight and well-drained soil is provided to this plant, its growth is impressive.


The billy button has several other names as well, they are sometimes called drumsticks, and some people call them woolly heads as well. The flower is yellow and has a round shape due to which it is given such names. This wildflower is mostly found in South Australia. If proper conditions are maintained, this plant can last for years.


Sturt pea which is also known as sturt’s desert pea has very differently shaped flowers. The color of these flowers is red, to specify more it is vine red but the shape of the flower is very impressive. It has red leaves with a bulbous center which is also called a boss. Some people extract the seeds to use them in baking and confectioneries after crushing, although the seeds are nontoxic they are not very pleasant in taste therefore, they aren’t the choice of many bakers.


This plant has star-shaped flowers. The flowers are found in two different colors that are white and pink. This plant doesn’t grow much in height so it is considered in the category of the low growing plant therefore, it is considered a border plant, usually used in gardens. It requires a good quantity of sunlight and well-drained soil to grow properly.

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