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Aspects and Info of Pleated-Blinds (Voldikkardinad Solemluxist)

Double pleated blinds are a great option for demanding spaces. These window treatments utilize two fabrics and three profiles, controlled by a movable or fixed profile holder. The blinds can be installed either invasively or non-invasively to the glazing bead.

Fewer visible cords

Double-pleated blinds (Voldikkardinad Solemluxist) have fewer visible cords than traditional horizontal blinds. They also use a child safety mechanism to keep the blinds out of reach of children. These child-safety devices include P-Clips, which slide over the loop at the bottom of the chain to hold the cord taut while loose enough to allow the blind to be operated. They also help prevent entanglements and are a popular choice for homes with small children or pets.

Double-pleated blinds have fewer visible cords than cellular shades do. This brand also have a smaller stack height and are available in a variety of fabrics, including woven wood and metal. They can be upgraded to be cordless. They have less insulation and are harder to clean than honeycomb shades. The downside of fabric shades is that they have limited privacy and are not very energy efficient. Additionally, they don’t offer as much light control and privacy as honeycomb shades.


Energy efficiency

Double pleated blinds are very effective for controlling light in a room and also offer energy efficiency. The pleats create pockets that trap air and insulate the window, which also helps to block UV rays. These window treatments are cheaper than double-cell shades and do not take as long to manufacture.

Both styles are available in single-cell and double-cell varieties. Single-cell shades are more affordable and can be upgraded with blackout lining and room-darkening liners. Double-cell shades, on the other hand, are more expensive but come with an additional layer of honeycomb fabric. These shades offer extra insulation and are available in an assortment of fabrics and colors.

Duette shades are another great option for those looking for energy efficiency. They feature a unique double-cell structure and two layers of insulation, making them perfect for vertical windows and doors. These shades of Solemluxist are also easy to install and operate. Honeycomb shades are also layered, so they are a great option for those who want to reduce the amount of air they let in.

Soft texture

Double-pleated blinds are a versatile option for window treatments. Made of soft, woven polyester fabric, they blend the practical function of blinds with the texture of fine cloth. They offer both privacy and light control and feature an integrated control handle and hidden bracket system. A five-year warranty is included.

Double pleated blinds are available in hundreds of colors and pleat sizes. Each style provides unique privacy and ambiance. Solemluxist guarantee proper insulation against street noise while providing proper acoustic hygiene. They can help you achieve the ambiance you want in any room. If you’d like to set the perfect mood in any room, consider choosing double-pleated blinds.



Double-pleated blinds come in a variety of materials and styles. One of the best features of these shades is their honeycomb construction, which makes them durable and soft. They are also energy efficient and help keep heat out during the summer and warmth in during the winter. Plus, they come in hundreds of colors.

Moreover, the durability of double-pleated blinds depends on how well they’re install and cared for. A proper installation is essential to ensure that they won’t tear. It is also important that the shades don’t get blocked by anything. Additionally, the window surfaces should not have any sharp edges.

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