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Asia’s Leading Broker in the Game: GrapheneFx

You may find hundreds of Forex Brokerage firms on the internet, but putting your confidence in them might be a risky move. Many renowned Forex brokers have received negative client feedback, either as a result of their operational services or for some other reason. If you stumble upon negative reviews of brokers that you first believed were reputable, it can be discouraging and perhaps deter you from signing up with that particular broker.

To master trading, one does not need any particular abilities other than a basic awareness of the market. For both novice and experienced traders, forex brokers assist them in making better investing choices that result in more earnings on their capital.

GrapheneFx is an amazing firm in the realm of forex trading. Graphene has only been in existence for a short period of time, but they have established a solid reputation for themselves over time as a result of their attentive client service and convenience of trade.

Since they are dedicated and hard working, it is reasonable to claim that the GrapheneFx group is unquestionably the brightest and Asia’s leading forex broker in the industry. Clients from countries like Pakistan and India swear by the services and options offered by GrapheneFx which is why their popularity has doubled over the years. 

They Have a Variety of Accounts Offered 

Graphene FX provides four different account categories that are designed to meet the demands of a variety of different client categories, including amateurs, experts, and organizations, among others. All of the account categories have various fees and features, which are clearly indicated on the GrapheneFx website. The best and probably the most considerate thing about these accounts is that they have Islamic Account features, which is accessible for all of the account types.

The following are the various categories of accounts available at GrapheneFx:

  • Standard Account 
  • Prime Account 
  • G-Plus Account 
  • ECN Account 

Offer the Best Customer Service 

Graphene’s number one objective is to ensure that its clients and investors are pleased and satisfied with the operation that they are delivering for them. Every effort is made to make the clients feel welcome and to resolve their problems quickly by the brokerage team. Their qualified and expert brokers are a force to reckon with  and they take their business extremely professionally. Their goal is to make trading as simple as possible for their customers in order to assist them in achieving the financial goals that they have set for themselves. Trading might be difficult, but the team of Graphene makes it easy for loyal customers to make their investments. Their top-notch customer service plays a key part in the success of Graphene.

They Have Gathered Accolades for their Services

They are not just appreciated by the clients that work with them but their services and high-quality operational work is recognized by the top organizations which resulted in a number of awards in their name. 

Receiving worldwide praise for their work is an indication of how professional they have been with their responsibilities. Here is the list of awards received by GrapheneFx: 

  • World FX Awards: Fastest Growing Forex Broker – 2018
  • Global Fintech Awards: Most Trusted Forex Brokers in Asia – 2020
  • International Forex Awards: Best Forex Customer Service – 2020
  • Global Business Review Magazine: Best Forex Broker South Africa – 2021
  • Global Business Review Magazine: Best Forex Trading Conditions Asia – 2021

They have gotten 2 awards for their work in Asia which proves that they are indeed a leading brokerage firm in the Asian continent. 

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