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Retail sales strength in January is reflected in redeemers of their Christmas gift cards. The average adult has received 3.2 gift cards this holiday season, up from 2.5 gift cards last year. Gift cards are more popular and this also pushes spending into January. Consumers are also interested in receiving gift cards at times other than just Christmas.

A survey by Deloitte & Touche USA found:

  • 80% of adults have received at least one gift card to a clothing or grocery store
  • 33% have received at least one restaurant gift card
  • 14% received a gift card to a mall or mall
  • 10% received a gift card that could be used in a variety of stores (e.g. an American Express gift card)
  • 5% received at least one for a personal service such as a manicure or massage
  • 5% have received at least one voucher for a website (e.g. ebay, Amazon)

Gift card prices ranged from $78 for an American Express card, while the lowest was $32 for a restaurant card. Bank vouchers are sell gift card in ghana more likely to be used in January. Nearly 74% of those gift cards were redeemed or partially redeemed by the end of January.

People were more likely to use their gift cards to purchase retail items at full price. Many analysts believe that the “gift” aspect allows consumers to treat themselves to new goods at full price.

Retailers also benefit when consumers redeem a gift card, with nearly 62% spending more than the card’s face value. This is an opportunity for retailers to increase sales as sales cannot be reported until the gift card has been redeemed.

Consumers also expressed interest in receiving gift cards for other holidays. For example, a gift certificate for an “experience” is often accepted when people are pressed for time. Getting a gift certificate for a meal out, a massage, or even a weekend getaway seems to be a trend that people are enjoying.

Teens enjoy gift cards because they prefer to shop with their friends and redeem their cards faster than adults. The survey found that teens redeemed 76% of their gift cards, versus 61% for adults.

Gift cards will continue to be given away after the holidays, especially for retailers. Gift cards are here to stay. Consumers are happy to use them and retailers are happy to receive them. Vouchers are a suitable gift for all occasions.

Redeem your iTunes gift cards

iTunes has come up with a great way to offer its customers the ability to buy gift cards for other Apple users. The iTunes gift cards were first viewed through their Facebook page and are only available through iTunes Store affiliated outlets. It’s easy and fun once you learn how to redeem iTunes gift card certificates.

These gift cards are themed by holidays, occasions and simple cards with the label “Apple”. The cheapest card is $15 and prices vary up to $100. If given as a gift, it will be properly wrapped and shipped to you within 24 hours, so you can which gift card has the highest rate in ghana enjoy your Apple Gift Card. No need to panic as learning how to redeem iTunes gift card certificates is not difficult. As long as they have the latest version of iTunes and internet access, they can redeem their existing card for access to the iTunes Store.

If you have the latest version of iTunes on your Mac desktop, you can open the “iTunes Store” option under the “Source List” tab on the left side of the player window. To access the store, one has to log in with their personal Apple account details. Under “Quick Links” on the Apple Store page, click “Redeem”. The cardholder present must have revealed the code and be ready to enter it into the code redemption slot. You do not have to disclose your credit account information. After the code is confirmed, everything is set and one can download, browse, buy and fully enjoy these premium services.

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